Why this animal?
I chose squirrel as my animal because they have alot of intresting things about them. They sometimes have to dodge lead. They have alot of actions that can show there squirrelaity.Squirrels are very intertaining when they play around. I think it would be fun to learn some stuff about there behavior and life. There are many things i don't know about squirrels that i want to know.

Food Web

The temp. changes a lot but it depends on the month. This is the Iowa area. It can get up to 100 degrees and down to 10 degrees below zero or lower. There are many plants and trees the produce food for the squirrels. They eat the nut from the trees in the area. There are rivers and ponds and creeks that help the trees grow and gives most animals around a water source. They uses trees to build there houses, So if you can see, trees are a major producer for the squirrels. Squirrles depend on trees for shelter and protection. They have to live close to a water sources for them to have more of chance to survive.

Journal Entry #1

I am in the United States. I just came back from South America to watch the squirrls down there. So far I noticed that U.S. squirrels act most the same, but they have different types of weather to live in. There are more then 200 species of squirrel in the world so I better get busy. Oh look theres a squirrel right there!Shhhh. We better not scare it. It looks like hes out finding his supper. I have seen this a lot, but everytime its still very interesting and different. He is looking around a lot to make sure theres no pretetors close. Well it looks like he found what he needed. Now he's poping his head up every once and a while. I really need to cut the grass, it would make it alot easyer for me to see them and them to see there food. Well it looks like he is climbing back up the tree. They are so spread out when they climb, Well we dont have to wisper anymore.Well just looking around you can tell there are trees and there are shrubs. Squirrels eat off some of the trees and bushes that have berrys. Heres a tree that you can see the path were the squirrels travel. Well I better get back to camp its getting late.

Journal Entry #2

I've been looking around seeing how the envirerment is. The trees around here are 50 feet or taller, that makes it harder to see the squirrels up close. All the noises out here are so amazing and make it hard to focuse on a squirrel. Its difficult to find a squirrel because its only the size of a pringles can and brownish and redish. That makes it blend in to the envirerment. When i spot one i try to keep my eye on it, so i can keep track of it. The little squirrels are like 5 inches long head to butt. Plus 3 inches for his tail.
external image 741574234_31740303cf.jpg
This is a baby squirrel. I found him to day and thought you might like to see it. Isn't it CUTE?
external image funny-animals-37.jpg
These is another species of squirrel, Its a grown squirrel very similar but smaller. They find most of the same foods.

Journal Entry #3

The avrage squirrel weight 5 to 10 lbs. They have long tails that are about the lenght of their body. Their tails have long hair. They have tiny hands and very small fingers. They always look like they are making a evil plan with their hands. They get their water from the creeks and pond that are close. The trees they live in create food for them, like nuts and berrys. They climb trees, they bark, use branches to move place to place. The squirrels have to be more carful during some seasons. They have to watch out for hawks, fox, and coyotes. The main reason is hunters.

Wildlife Monitoring Technique

In the past couple months I have caught several squirrels and some coons that I wasn't planing on catching. Altogether I caught five squirrels and the two coons that found it before the squirrels did. I caught a mother with two baby's and two individualsquirrels one male and a female. I put a collar on the mother and one on each other squirrel but not the babies. I think the mother will stay with the babies a little longer, that will help me find them and put a collar on them when they are a little bigger. I have been tracking them for about 4 to 5 weeks.I never knew squirrels were so active. The monitor I have beeps every time one moves. It has been a little annoying sitting listing to the beep one after another, but this study on squirrels has given me way more infomation that I thought I knew. It seams like the collar was the best tracking decision.

Fellow Researchers Profile

I found a collage that had a study on them and there behavior. I tryed to go back to that website but i couldn't find it.

Using The Research

The limiting factors for squirrels are if we keep cutting down trees they will lose there homes and shelter. Its very important to keep the trees or they could not have anyplace to live and become extinct. They are like many animals and humans, they need water to suvive. That means we need to make sure no chimicals get in the lakes,creeks,ponds, and rivers. It could affect all animals that use that water and and livestock.