Animal: Snow Leopard
Research Location: Central Asia(Alpine)
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Why this animal?
The snow leopards interest me because of how they look and act. they have intersted me for a long time because their very endangered. the reason they are endangered is because they used to get hunted alot. They used to sell coats made out of there fur but the problem is that it takes 6 snow leopards to make one coat and in the tundra they cant live without there fur because there fur is very warm and thick and they need there fur to survive. If you have a fur coat that is very rare because they dont sell them anymore due to when the became endangered.The reason i picked the snow leopard is because of there beautiful coat and the pattern of there coat is the most interested thing about them. Also they like snow because they could blend in and i have seen movies about how they are interested in snow and when you are watching little kids play in the snow you see that snow leopard adapt to people because of how like snow. One of the differences between humans and snow leopard is there thick fur and when they are walking through the snow they make prints to.that is why i chose the Snow Leopard.

What Biome does the snow leopard lives in?
A snow leopard lives in the alpine tundra the reason for that is that they have a very thick layer of fur to make them look bigger than they actually are.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ If they were to live where we live it wouldn’t be good for them because they would over heat.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍what i mean by this is that snow leopards arent made to be in our weather.SCIENCE_WILDLIFE_MONITOR2.jpg Snow leopards have the thickest fur in the cat family. If the snow leopard would come around here where we live they would have trouble finding a place other than the freezer to be at their regular temp and climate. The reason that the snow leopard is called the “snow” leopard is that there climate has no almost all year round and that’s what they adapt to. The climate in the tundra even in the summer is at a low temperature of -12 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Snow leopards have big nasal cavities to help them breath in high altitudes. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The snow leopards coat helps them blend into the rocks as well as having that type of fur to keep them warm in the temperatures they have there. There thick fur also helps them insulate their paws while walking in the snow.
When the snow leopard kills it can kill animals up to 3 times bigger than them, but it takes them a few days to eat them. Snow leopards don’t just eat right where they killed the animal, the male’s drag it to their territory which is 4-40 square miles were very many females live. The reason they take their pray to their territory is because when the female is birthing they bring food to them.'

Research Location!

the researc locatiuon that i am doing is Central Asia . Central Asia is pretty big and holds an awesome animal called the snow leopard. Central Asia has alot of snow so i consider it and alpine biome. The climate in Central Asia up to about 50 degrees farenhite, and i dont know what the temp is because it is different sometimes. It snows alot and isnt warm very often. Snow leopards are so cool to learn about, I am going to be talking about the snow leopard, and ther are not many animals like it. the snow leopard is different than the regular snow leopard. some other animals in Central Asia are the snow lama.

My animal is the snow leopard that run wild in the alpine, they are very endangered so they can not be hunted. Snow leopards have very big paws so they do not sink in the snow and it helps them keep there feet warm from walking, and just plain living in snow. Right when you look at a snow leopard you see that they have a lot of fur because they look very chubby. Truthfully they are very lean but there fur has to be really thick to keep them warm in the cold tempatures. Snow leopards are very fast but usually they do not fun run unless they are after there pray because if they are after there pray they want to catch it. They are about 6 to seven feet at length they also are 3 feet from there paws to there shoulders. Snow leopards have very long tails longer than you would think they would have, their tail is around 40 inches long which adds a lot of length to their body. They look about 200-250 pounds but they are actually around 77-120 pounds because their fur. Snow leopards have white fur to blend in with the snow and gray and black spots to blend in with rocks and not just snow.


For my observation journal I went to the Alpine in central Asia to watch the snow leopards reactions. The first day I was out in Central Asia I noticed that the snow leopard has really big paws and it helps them stay above the snow instead of going far down into the snow and getting really cold. Have you ever noticed that snow leopard look pretty chubby? They actually are not they are very slim and are very muscular. They have to be pretty aggressive to stay alive in the winter time because all the animals are looking for food. The snow leopards fur is the thickest in the cat family, to keep them warm in the alpine. I have noticed while I’m up here snow leopards don’t run very often, they only run when they are after their pray or something is after them. Snow leopards are very delicate animals, and also very pretty. So I can see why they are endangered due to how pretty their fur is. Snow leopards look around 200 pounds and have a lot of fur. When you absurb snow leopards tthey dont do much like you think that they would do. When they get an animal like the lama they take 2-3 days to eat them but when they get a animal like a marmot it only takes them a day to eat it. when they get bid feed they only eat certain parts of the body. I have noticed that snow leopards when they look tired and hot they go for injured animals. Some injured animals are animals that they dont usually eat. The snow leopards cubs go hunting when they are about three months old, they have to learn how to hunt a certian way so they dont run into obsticles.

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