Animal: Red Stag
Reasearch Location: wikipedia, University Of Michigan, Bookfield Zoo.

Why This Animal?
I chose the red stag because it is one of my dreams to go to New Zealend and go red stag hunting. I am a hunter, and as a hunter i have to chose what animals i would like to hunt. The red stag is a very beutiful and graceful animal. That is why it intrests me. I also like it because of the horns. Their sheer mass and size is amazing. They are much bigger than a whitetale deer. The noises they make are so wonderful to here. They are so smart, that is why they are hard to hunt. I'm up for the challenge!

The climate in which a red stag lives.

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observations day 1-2

Journal of Kaleb Goodwin
Day 1, I have just pulled off of the road to head into the timber. I am just walking the edge of it, because the chances are that the red stag will be in the tall grass. Wow, I have just seen a small group of the red stag. Their fur is so pretty and cozy looking. Something is making a horn like noise! Wow, it is the alpha male of the group. He just arrived and is bugling to aware the other male red stag of his presence. One of the other stags has challenged the alpha male for one of the females. Now they are fighting with their horns! It sounds and looks so cool. The younger male has lost and walks away in shame. I have to head home, but I will come back tomorrow.
Holy cow! It is day 2, and I have just seen the first heard of red stag of the day. It is such a rush watching them. They are so free, with no worry. I love seeing the mother jump in front of the young stag when it gets too far ahead of the group. They have stopped to get something to eat. I can’t tell what it is from this distance. Okay, I’ve got a little closer and half of them were just grazing, and the other half was eating red/orange berries. SHOOT, I just fell in the creek and scared the heard away! I really hope they come back, but in the mean time I think I will study the landscape. They like to keep to the tall grass, but the timber I where they head when night fall is near.
Observation journal of Kaleb Goodwin.
Day 3
This trip is amazing! Im on my third day here and I have seen so much activity. The Red Stag here are beautiful and they have so much grace. Im now in the field as they say. Wow, I am watching a female walking by her self. This is odd, because it is mating seaon for the Red Stag. I don’t know if she has already been breed or if a male Red Stag has just not seen or smelled her yet. The males right now are very aggressive and will fight for any female he finds suitable. This is when the boys are seperated from the men. They will chase a female for a very long time. Most times a male will chase a female till it gives up and lets it breed with her. Wwwoooooowwwwwzzzzzzaaaaaaa, a male has caught wind of the female I was talking about earlier. She is not willing to run and she doesn’t seem scared of this male. Yyaawwnnn, I am tired. I hate to leave at this time but I have to.
Day 4
That was a good night rest! Now back to making some observations. I didn’t think the female and male would still be in a stand off today. Its getting boring sitting here watching them. Okay, here is some action. Now another male has entered with his eyes glued on the female. This male is much bigger and older. He looks more mature than the first one. I think theey might compete over the female. I hope they do then I can see the aggressive side of the Red Stag. I have one more day to be here in the lushious grass filled mountains and dense, viney woods. I need to get as much down as I can. Wow, the older male has just beugled. The young one is readdy to fight. CRASH, their horns come together in a way that gave me the chills. Wam, the mature male hit the other knocking it to the ground with such force. The fight is over! The older male has won, and walks away with the female.

I have found a great fellow researcher! They are from Texas and own a place where people can come and hunt the red stag. Like me they study these wonderful creatures. They get to observe them in the field tough. I only use internet and other resources to study red stag. That’s how our research is different. We both research these animals but for the most part they are in different ways.
My fellow researcher is a red stag ranch in Texas. They allow people to come down and hunt. I wish I could go to further my knowledge. They have many red stag at their ranch. They can observe them in ways that I am not able to do. The people who own the ranch have a understanding about the red stag that I can not. I would love to talk with them some more. I’m sure it would be a great conversation.

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Reasearch in action!