animal: ostrich
why this animal?
One of the reason why I chose this animal is because it is the fastest bird in the world. The males are black and white and the females are gray and white. They also have really long necks. There necks and legs are featherless. They look really facinating when they run. When they run they take really long strides. When they sleep they look like a black ball because they lay down on the ground. They tuck there heads in the feathers on their back.

Food Web


Research Location
My location for my animal is Central Africa but the Ostrich used to be found in Suria and Saudi Arabia. The biome that the Ostrich lives in is the savanna. It can be located between a tropical rain forest and a desert biome. The savanna is a grassland with scattered shrubs and isolated trees. The savanna is also known as the tropical grassland. The tempature is vary warm and humid all year round. The lowest tempeture in the savanna is around 70 degrees and it could acturally go up to around 120 if it gets that hot aand humid out. There are two different climates for my biome. There is a wet and a dry season. During the dry season all of the plants die and some of the rivers dry up. But in the wet season the flower come back up and bloom and the rivers fill up. The dry seasons tempatures can range to 65 degrees to 86 degrees. The wet season can range to 68 degrees to 76 degrees. There are not much water sources in the savanna. It rarely rains here and thats why it isnt a forest. It will rain about 30 inches of water all year round. There are a lot of different looking plants in the savanna. Some of the plants are plants that I have never heard of. Here are some of the plants in the savanna: Bermuda Grass, Elephant Grass, Candelabra Tree, Jarrah Tree, Manketti Tree, Umbrella Thorn Acacia, and Whistling Thorn. Those are some of the more popular plants in the savanna. There are a lot of cool looking animals in the savanna. Here are some of the more popular animals: African Elephant, African Wild Dog, Grants Zebra, Koala Bear, Lion, and Nile Crocodile. The predators to the Ostrich would probably be African Wild Dog, Lion, and the Nile Crocodile. One of the reasons why I think that the Ostrich is designed to exist in the savanna is that they have long necks so that they can reach down to eat small insects and small rodents on the ground. They have long bare legs with two toes on each foot so that they can run away from predators easily. There legs having nothing but skin on them so when they run away from the predators in the hot, blazing weather they dont over heat. That is how I think that the Ostrich can survive in the savanna.

Wildlife Monitoring Technique
The ostrich was walking by itself minding its own buisness, staring off in space when it hears the bush move. Right when the ostrich moves it head the tiger pounces. The ostrich quickly moves and takes off the other way. The tiger wasnt going to give up but the ostrich was to fast for the tiger. When ostrich got away it rested under a tree to get its energy back. When it woke up it walked down the hill by a stream. It was looking around for its food and once it ate the ostrich went to go drink up. After it ate lunch it got really got so it went to go cool off under a tree.

I am going to track my animal with the radio collar. The reason why I am using this is because the ostrich lives in a certain place in Africa. It would show where the ostrich has been and tells me where there habbitat will be and where they go for food and water. It would be a lot eaier than the ways that people track animals. I wouldnt use the trip cameras because the ostrich is really fast when it gets scared and the flash and noise would scare it off.

Journal Entrie #1
Hi my name is Nic Tew and I am an Ostrich researcher. Right now I am in the savanna rideing in my jeep trying to find an Ostrich. It is a beautiful day out right now and the flowers and the trees look like they are in paradise. There is nothing but grass and beneath that grass are little rodents and lizards roaming around trying to find food. The ostrich will eat those little rodents and lizards for breakfest lunch and dinner. I am hopeing to find an Ostrich by today. I FOUND ONE! It looks so magnificent. The thing that I dont like about Ostriches is that there kick can kill a full grown lion so I dont want to get to close to it. So I will lay down on the top of the jeep and take some pictures of it. After I took the pictures I got in my jeep and I headed back home to get a good night sleep. BUT when I was almost getting off the trail I could see past the grass that there were a pack of lions stalking a ostrich. I got my beoculers out so I could see better and they were just about to pounce when the ostrich heard something and started to run. The lions tried to run after it but they didn't stand a chance. When they turned around they noticed something and it was my jeep so I started it up and cruised home.
Journal Entrie #2
This is the second day that I am out exploreing the biome and landscape of my animal. I got in my jeep and I am cruising down the trail. Today I am just going to look around to see what else there is in the biome. While I am driving down the trail I am seeing nothing but trees, bushes, and obviously grass. The location of the savanna is in the central part of Africa. There are a lot of different small animals that live here. Like snakes, lizards, and small rodents. One thing that I noticed when I got out of the jeep yesterday was the the tempature was pretty hot. The plants looked dead so it must have been the dry season. Since it is the dry season there wasnt that many water sources to be found. The part about the ostrich that helps them when it is the dry season is that they dont have any feathers on their legs and their neck. A part of the animals niche is that it eats the little rodents and lizards so it help keep the population of those animals steady so there wont be to much of them.

Research in Action
I am going to talk to you about the limiting factors about the ostrich. There are a lot of different things that hunt and kill the ostrich. A couple of things are the weather, humans, and predators or you could say animals. Humans will sometimes hunt the ostriches for meat and they will sell the meat for money. There are other reasons why humans kill ostriches and one of those reasons are that there are potchers that kill the animals for trophies which is a terrible thing to do. Another thing that affects the ostrich is the weather. If the climate changes and it gets really cold the ostrich could freeze to death and that reason is because they don't have any feathers on half of their body. They would be able to gather up into a group to conserve warmth but it probably wouldn't be enough if it was that cold. Predators are the main threat to the ostrich. The lion and the hyena are the main predators of the ostrich. They are all very dangerous, the lion and the hyenas hunt in groups which are very affective. But the ostriches are much faster and the male ostriches are the ones that fight. The ostriches kick can kill up to a full grown lion so sometimes the lions and the hyenas are in danger too.