Animal:African Lion
Reserch location: Africa

Why this animal?
I chose this animal because i like the lion. Its an interesting animal. It has a lot of fur around its neck but not as much any where else. It likes to hunt zebra and can run really fast. It's part of the cat species. One big cat,if you ask me,and i wouldn't want one as a pet in my house because it would eat me. So,thats why i chose this big,big cat,the lion.

food web

Rhino And Lion Nature Reserve, Gauteng, South Africa- Research Location

I see many plants and animal. They are all so butiful but dangerus too. I just want to get closer but i know i cant because the lions would probrobly eat me. One of the lions saw me today but didn't do anything he just sat there and watched me for a while then left probroby to go back to him family. I find these animals to be really interesting and its so theres not that many of them left. its hot and dry here. I wish i could go home knowing every thing about lions but that will take a long time.

observation journal

Day 1- Its so hot out here im sweat none stop. I have to keep reserching the lion though. I've learned that they can run really fast and that they have nocternal vision,which means that they can see at night. There favorite snack is a wild zebra. They just seem to love those! Africa it's self is just a great wonder. There's so many animals here. Today i meet some interesting scientists and learn some new things about Africa.

Day 2- I had a lion look me in the eyes today! I was walking around and came across a path that had lion paw prints on it and they were fresh. So i followed them and there on the dry, hot ground was a big male lion. he looked me in the eyes and then just walked off. I'm greatful that he didn't chase after me and try to kill me. It was a big butiful lion though. I got some pictures of him that everyone will love.

Day 3- Today i saw nothing. I just keeped walking around and saw many differnt plants and animals, but i never came across a lion at all. All i know about them at this point is that the male has a thick fur collar around its neck, there a yellowish color,they can run fast,they can see at night, and the female feeds the young before them selfs. I know a lot more to but those are just some of the basics that im going to go over for now.

Day 4- Still nothing and im so disappointed. I found some tracks but they were a couple of days old. I did how ever come across some rather stinky but interesting elephants. They were playing around in mud and it was just so fun to watch. Of course though i had to move on to continue my research on the lion. I hope that I will see some soon! That's all i have for today.

Day 5- I finally saw a lion today! This time it was a female hunting for her young. It was a really cool sight to see! She was hunting deer of in some near by trees. Its interesting she feeds the young before herself. She will go weeks with out any food. Its amazing how lions can live so long with out food. The lion is a amazing animal! That's why out of all animals I picked the lion. I would have one as a pet if it wouldn't eat me. Anyway that's all I found today was a lion and some lion tracks. I saw some zebras running across the safari and I was thinking where are all the lions? Well that's it for today.

Day 6- I saw a male and a female lion mating today. The sight was so amazing. It only lasted for a couple seconds though. The female didn't likle it so she roared at the male and walked off. It was still a amazing sight to see though! I also saw a male lion hunting zebras! He was running so fast! He didn't have any problems catching that zebra. Today has been by far my best day since i got here! I'm not going to put in any observations for a few weeks because i'm going to go meet some other researchers. Thats it for today.

Day 25- Wow, that was a lot longer than i thought it was going to be! If been talking to researchers about my work and they think it's really impressive! Today im back in the wild researching the lion. Today I haven't found anything. I'm going to keep searching though. hopefully tomarrow I see some lions. I haven't been out he for a while so I don't know whats been happing. So, that's all for today. Until tomarrow anyway.

Day 27- This is my last day. I've learned that lions are very caring animals about there young, they love to eat zebra, they like to lay on rocks, and so much more. I've had a great time but now im going to go work at a zoo and care for lions and many other animals.I just decided that i would rather take care of lions and see my family every night then be out here in the wild. I did gave some fun though. I'm going to miss researching the lion, but i would rather be home with my family. So, this is my last entie in my journal.

Research Technique
My research technique was trip cameras. I didn't want to try to put a colar on a lion so i used trip cameras. I put a camera on a tree by chaining it to it and when it sees movement it takes a picture. It's a easy technique and a lot safer. The camera is water proof so that the film dosn't get wet and ruined. When it takes a picture it has a heat sensor in it so that it can tell if it's a animal or not. It's a cool camera but they cost a lot of money. So, I have to be careful and it's a good thing that i don't pay for them unless i break one.

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My biography

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