Animal: komodo dragon


Why this animal?

I chose the komodo dragon because I have heard some stuff about it and wanted to see if it was true. Also I choose it because I heard it can kill you in one bite because of all the bactria in the salivia and in the mouth. Komdo dragon is also called Varanus komodoensis. Varanus Komodoensis digs a habitat that it retreats into when it is hot out side. They go underground because it is colder. They have strong limbs and powerful tail. Komodo dragons are the largest lizards. That is why I picked komodo dragons.

Research Location

Kelsey Stone Komodo Dragon Food Web

Wild life monitoring technique

Observation Journal

Day 1 and 2

Day 3-5

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Using the research

Some of the limiting factors for the komodo dragons are could be that they could run out of resources and they all could just go extinct in the wild or everywhere, and humans could be a problem. I think this because they are endangered and considering that they are scavengers and scavenge for meat. They are on top of the food chain so it is not as hard because there are only a few. Can’t run out of shelter because they dig their homes it is the only one resource that they can’t lose is shelter.