Why this animal?
For my animal research i chose the Gorilla. The gorilla is my favorite animal because as a kid i have always wanted one.
The gorilla is a very big primate with really big arms. The reason the gorilla has really big arms is because the gorilla uses its armes a lot to walk. a gorilla is very intelegent. it is almost like a chimpanzee but the gorilla is bigger and stronger.
The gorilla is really fun to watch, I went to the zoo and a gorilla went up to the window and put its hand up to my little brothers then walked away and put on a scarf.

Food Web

Animal biome

The western lowland gorilla lives in the tropical rain forests of western Africa. The temp. there gets around 74 degrees F.
In the lowland area they have dry and wet seasons and they usually consist of thorny shrubs,trees, and succulents (plants that are able to store water in there cells). The gorillas at the end of the day make beds out of vegitation. The rain forest gets up to 50 to 260 inches of rain. rain forest cover up to 6% of earthes surface.There are around 100 to 300 species.

Day 1- I was in the western part of africa. I was on my way to the tent I was staying in, I was in one of those trucks that you usualy see in those jungle movies. So I was in the back looking for the western lowland gorilla. I got to my tent and unpacked all my supplies. I got my recorder and my note book and headed out in to the rain forest the gorillas natural habitat. The forest has lots of plant life for the gorilla to eat. I found one of the gorillas with its baby the baby is around 2 monthes old. The parent is rying to find food for them. The gorilla walks threw the forest looking for food. The gorilla is eating the berries it found. The baby is eating as well the baby watches its parent as it goes threw and and picks up food the baby looks like it is learning from its parent. I got some info from this day now im headed back to my tent to get ready for the day ahead of me.
Day 2- ok so im going back out into the forest and im looking for some more gorillas . im following a path to this spot a guy told me is really good for finding gorilla. Im in the spot where I herd is a really good spot its full of plant life and berries. It looks like there is some spots where the gorillas went and lied down. I walk a little further and find some gorillas scouting there teritory. The gorillas walk the length of there territory every day to make sure there are no intruders or other gorillas stealing there food. I follow the gorillas and they have a really big territory I head back to my jeep and head back to camp and went to my tent and sleep.
Day 3-
Ok this is the last day I will be reaserching my animal so im heading out to find the family I’ve been researching. Im walking the path I found it looks like the family has made a boundry around their territory. I hear some sounds comeing from my right, im looking. I found the gorillas I’ve been monitoring its seem as if they don’t even care that im by them. The gorillas are very calm until you start messing with them and destroy there territory. I have found that they constantly move until it starts to get dark. When it starts to get dark they stop and start building there bed for the night out of twigs and leafs. The gorilla has some preditors but not much the gorilla has to worry some about wild cats and they may get into fights with other gorillas because they are competing for food because of habitat lose so they run it to each other more often then before. Ok im heading back to camp im going to pack up and head out.