Noah Altenhofen
what: Boomslang viper

Why this animal?
I chose the boomslang viper because I am and have been interested by snakes sence I was younger. Also i think it would be cool to learn about all kinds of snakes. I also think it would be cool to be in a job where you get to handle snakes. I actually see snakes quite often when i go to my an't and uncle's house because they have a pond. I have even caught a few snakes. that is why I chose the Boomslang viper
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Food Web

I traveled to the Savanna to investagate the Boomslang Viper. The Savanna's weather was much nicer then iowa's. The savanna has two main seasons the wet and the dry season the tempature averages from 68-86 degres. Other animals that live there are Lions, gazell, and many more. The average rainfall is about 10-30 inches which is great for the plants that live there. Like the Elephant grass, the River Brush Willow , and many many more.

Observation juronal
on our first day in africa we saw abunch of amazing animals we saw the fastest cat in the world the cheetah. chetah.jpgWe also saw the Rock boaconstricter rock_boa.jpgwow now thats one big snake! we also saw a pride of lions. lion.jpgeven though we saw all these animals they weren't what we were looking for. We are really looking for the Boomslang viper. one of the most poisonious snakes in the world. its name boomslang means tree dwelleing snake and viper means poisonious snake. so it means a snake that lives in trees. when we first saw it, it wasn't acctually in a tree it was on the road we almost ran over it.
Here is a picture. cool isn't it? its colors vary bassed on sex, age, and basic color diffrence. Adult females tend to be an olive brown when males tend to be a brow black, bright green, or blueish green. These colors are used as camouflage to help them sneek up on there pray and to hide from preadators.There slick, skinny, scaly, slender, and agile body which helps it to quickly snap at pray. Also when the snake isn't moving it looks a lot like a branch, a twig, a leave even, and many more comon things in the forest. When the Boomslang snake interacts with most other animals it considers them to be pray.boomslang_stalking.jpg
on are first couple of days we saw the snake mainly stayed in trees and waited till its pray came to it. Also they lived around water holes to get there water from that. Also the boomslang viper is one of only two snakes that have a special type of venom.

Boomslang viper
  • Range - These snakes live in southern / sub-Saharan Africa

  • Habitat - Mostly wooded grasslands, because they prefer trees
  • Size - Adults average between 4' and 6' in length
  • Diet - Mostly lizards and small birds (that live in trees)
  • Offspring - This snake lays eggs, between 10 and 20 per clutch or litter



using the reashearch
the limiting factors of the Boomslang viper are food like birds, bats, and insects. Also water wether and diseases whether like thunder storms and hurricanes. water like trying to find fresh water.

Fellow reasearcher:
My fellow reasercher was Mike Rowe we didn't study the same type of snake but we both studied snakes. He studied the lake Erie water snake. It's a snake that only lives in Lake Erie however it isn't poisonious unlike the Boomslang viper. another difrence is that The Lake Erie snakes only live in one place when Boomslang vipers live an all of Africa.

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