Animal: black bears

Why this animal?
I've been interested in a book series called Seekers by Erin Hunter. They focus on one black bear, one polar bear, and one grizlie. The more I read them, the more I find that, out of the three species, I'm most like the black bear. We are both small for our kind, we both like berries and fruit, and we both like tree climbing. Also, I have grown to be more curious about them. The character in the book was always the one who had to put up with the others' interests, but not really her own. I've wondered when they would get to live in her habitat so then I could see how black bears live. The book is in her perspective so we can tell what she's feeling, but you don't really see how she would survive in the wild on her own. She relies on the others, never herself. I wonder about her natural instincts and how far she would get on her own. So, by researching other black bears, I can make a guess on how she would

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