animal: Wolverine

why this animal

I like this animal because it is very strong and powerful. I also like how they look. This animal is highly endangered. There are only less than 500 of them in the United States. The wolverine has also been known to travel great distances at a time. They have been known to travel up to 500 miles in 42 days. The wolverine is found in the northern region of the US, Europe, and the artic circle. They also inhabbit mountains and forrests. I like the wolverines long sharp claws. They use these claws to dig and climb. Wolverines usually live anywhere from 8-13 years even though they have been known to live up to 20 years. The male wolverine usually weigh around 45 pounds. That's another reason I like them, they are heavy. The wolverine has 38 razor sharp teeth they use to rip aprt frozen meat and bones. I like that. These are just a few reasons I like the wolverine.

This is his food web

wolverine food web 2.docx enjoy!!!

adaptation rap this is a rap about the addaption of a wolverine.

wolverine_8.jpg wolverine_7.jpg wolverine_4.jpg wolverine_3.jpg wolverine_2.jpg wolverine6.jpg wolverine5.jpg wolverine.jpgwolverine_mao.jpg

this is a map of where the wolverine lives. red stands for places where it lives.

wolverine research.docx enjoy this journal entry by none other than Rhett Leonard explorer extraordinair!

observation journal

wolverine observation journal.docx the first entry of Rhett Leonard.

Rhett's Monitoring Technique.docx enjoy!!!

Video of the wolverine more of the wolverine

Fellow Researcher, rhett leonard.docx

Wolverine Limiting Factors.pptx limiting factors of the wolverine.

wolverine book this will lead you to the pop up book i made!


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