Animal: Wildebeest

Why This Animal?
I choose the Wildebeest for my animal research. They look really cool.They look really fun to hunt. I want to hunt them sometime when i get the money. The Wildebeest is a really amazing animal. They are hunted by humans and alligators.

food web Dakota McCall

The Wildebeest lives in South Africa in the dessert area’s. Other animals that you would see there is Giraffes, Gorillas, Lemurs, Nile Crocodiles, Ball Pythons, Rock Pythons, Warthogs, Leopards,**Giant Pangolins**, Elephants,Tigers, **Grevy's Zebras**, **Hippopotamus**,African Lions. There vegitation is grass. They only eat grass. They are vegitarians.
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The Wildebeest lives in the South Africa. The climate in South Africa is very hot there. It gets up in the 80’s about every day. They get about 2 cm of rain per year. The Wildebeest get it’s water from the Mara river. They eat shoots , leaves, Bermuda grass, and elephant grass. Other animals that live in that area are antelopes, giraffes, zebras, and the African lion.

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