animal: wallaby

Why this animal?
I chose the wallibie, because it is really small and it jumps around like it is crazy. This animal looks like a kangaroo a small kangaroo that is mini sized. This small little animal has a mind of its own and it likes to run around every where. It makes you think that it is cute but it can be the meanest little thing you have ever saw. If you ever come across one of this don't think oh your cute Iam going to pick you up because it will do anything to you that it thinks is defending it's self. the other reson is because I think this animal is really small and cool. I think that this anaimal caught my attention because I have a little dog about the size of this but it is a little smaller.

my food web:

aniaml location:

Savanna does not get enough rainfall to support forests. Savanna is also known as tropical grasslands. Savanna has warm temperatures year around. There are two seasons in savanna. One is a very long dry season which is winter. And a very wet season which is summer. In the dry long season only 4 inches are dropped on savanna. In December and February no rain falls at all. It is actually cooler in the dry season. But never expect sweater weather because it only gets 70 degrees. There is about 15 to 25 inches of rain in the summer.
During the rainy season it gets hot and humid during the rainy season. At night the rain pours down hard for hours and hours. In the savanna there is 2.5 million kilometers of land with very little species. The animals have a hard time to compete in this biome. For some reason they are able to live in this biome even though they have many dangers.
The wallaby’s physical and behavioral adaptations:

Observation Journal:

Plan: I am going to Australia and I am going to be observing the wallaby’s, as they move around in there every day life. When I get to Australia I have to meet up with a team and we will have to fly out to the savanna where the wallaby’s live. I will arrive at Australia at 1800hrs and will get met up with the team and be at savanna at 1900hrs. I will then set up camp and I will get my tools from the plane and get my night vision goggles and go out in the forest until 2200hrs. I will then come back to camp and get in my rack at 2215hrs. I will then wake up and get out of my rack at 0600hrs. I will then eat chow and start my adventure once again in the forest.

Day 1: I have arrived at Australia the time is 1800hrs. I have met with my team and we are getting in the plane. We are now in the plane and we are taking off. Man this is taking a long time. They just told us were here and were right on time it is 1900hrs. I just got off the plane with my stuff. Man I am glad to get off that small plane. I set up camp that felt like forever to get done. Finally I can start my adventure. I am going in the forest. I am in the forest now and I have already seen lots of wallaby’s. I am not going to study any tonight because I am falling a sleep and I still have an hour. I will just write some notes down right now. So far all the wallaby’s have done is go to the bathroom but I wont give any detail on that because that would be disgusting.

Day 2: hi I am back I just woke up and it is 0600hrs. Man I am tired. So this morning I am going out in the wilderness to study the wallaby. Okay I just got my equipment and I am ready to go out in the forest. I have entered the forest and guess what the wallaby’s are all ready up man they must be early birds. I hope I can observe some of them today before I have to leave. Okay so the wallaby just got done with brushing his teeth it was funny because he took a seed and rubbed it all over his teeth I would say that’s hillbilly style. I guess even wallaby’s can have some funny times. Oh my gosh the wallaby just kicked his Joey in the head I hope he is okay. So now the wallaby’s are walking away and I am going to follow them to see what else they do. The wallaby’s like throwing there poop at each other to. Wow that is awesome but discusting. The wallaby just gave birth man there is a lot you can see if you observe wallaby’s really close. I have to go know but I really injoyed you tunning in by.

Day 3: I am going to talk about basic needs. For my animal to survive it needs food, water, and shelter. Wallaby’s find there water by streams and a lot of times by people. When they are kept as pets they get there water by the humans and streams. Many times they will wonder off and will have to find their way back to their house which is their shelter. The wallaby likes to eat berries and nuts,. The wallaby’s are very smart because when it rains they make a grass pile and make a whole type thing and then put a cover over it.

Day 4: the things you would see the wallaby do is jump walk around like a kangaroo, when they bring the food back to their shelter they hold there head up high because they think it is cool. Another thing they do is they like to make people think there cute and if the wallaby thinks the person is hurting them that is when they turn mean. Sometimes the wallaby will also run around in circles because they get confused.

Day 5: the wallaby get’s along with kangaroo’s because there from the same family. If the wallaby has some other animals that it interacts with but there not that nice to the wallaby. The wallaby usually get’s along with the animals in it’s ecosystem but not all the time. Most of the time the wallaby will pick fights with other animals because they just want to have fun but the other animals don’t want to play. This is the relationship the wallaby has with other animals.

Wildlife Monitoring Technique:
Tree cameras:
The way I am going to set up my tree cameras is low to the ground. I will also try to find two trees across from each other so that when the wallaby passes by it there will be two angles that I can see the animal from different angles. The last thing I will do is try and find a lim that is hanging and put a tree camera on that limb so that I can get a sky view.

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Researcher Profile: (person) what he does, make connection to him, talk about what he found out if you can.

Mark Morrison: He studied the wallaby for a long time. He like's studying the wallaby. I am like Mark Morrison because I am also studying the wallaby. he found out what the wallaby does on it's free time and how it is thought in the humsan eye.

Using The Research: (limiting factors) Dear Editor. the limiting factors for the wallaby are wolves and big birds. they sneak up on the wallaby on the ground and they like to snatch with their beaks. the wolves takke it for granteit because they can catch them on the ground the birds have to wait till they get out in the open.


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