State of Living:Iowa
The wild turkey lives in some of the harshest place a animal could ever live
but they also live in some of the best places a animal could. Some reasons
turkeys might have it so rough is because they have to deal with hunters and
bigger animals that might be out to get them. Some reasons that they might
have some of the best conditions to live in are because they have free run of
the country side and some people may raise them so there not wild any more
there tammed. The wild turkey makes a great supply of food for us humans
and many other species that are out to get them. If wild turkeys live in the
right and stable conditions that there suppose to they can get up to 30
pounds now that might not sound like alot to us but if your a hunter and you
get a 30 pound turkey you know your having a good day. So that concludes
the part of living to a turkey.