Animal; Turkey
The turkey is one of the most famous birds in north America because Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the nations bird. The turkeys popularity comes from the American peoples hunger for this bird when Christmas and Thanksgiving come around. The domestic turkey or the tamed turkey weighs twice as much as the wild turkey, so much that they cant even fly. Most wild turkeys unlike domestic turkeys live out in the wild. Some things that they eat are acorns,fruits,seeds,small insects, and berries. At night most wild turkeys sleep up in the low parts of trees to stay away from predators. My point of view on the wild and the domesticated turkey is that both are that they are a great producer of meat. They are also very fun to hunt.

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Animal: Turkey
My interest in the wild turkey was that the wild turkey was almost the
nations bird and almost exstinct because the American people love
this bird so much. Many people wonder why the wild turkey actually
didn't go exstinct but it is because the way it blends into its enviorment
and how many eggs this bird can lay, and also how many times it can
mate in one year. Many things that the wild turkey has that the tammed
turkey, and other animals like it have are the ability to defend the herd and
there mates and the ability to fly even though they weigh so much more then
what the average bird can weigh and not be able to fly. After the average weight
they fly so that they can nest in low trees and also so that any other predators
don't get them or there mates or there young.

State of Living:Iowa
The animal that I did was the Wild Turkey. There are 2 types of the Turkeys one is the Domestic . The Wild Turkey lives in
the wild, it can fly, and also is much smarter then the domestic turkey. There are many differences in the Wild Turkey and the Domestic Turkey. Some differences in the Wild Turkey and the Domestic Turkey are that some types of Domestic Turkeys can fly were others cant, anothere one would be if you thought about it you might think a Wild Turkey would weigh more then a Domestic Turkey but truth is that the Domestic weighs about twice as much as the Wild Turkey and that is a big part of why they cant fly, another would be that the Wild Turkey can run up to about 35mph were the Domestic Turkey cant even run 10mph. The living types for both of them are totally different. The Domestic Turkey lives in an enviorment were he or she might never get to run free. Were the wild turkey can run free and eat what he wants. Turkeys both Domestic and Wild can lay up to 3 eggs per breeding session.

Wildlife Monitoring Techniques:
The wild life monitoring technique that i am using is the tag and release method. Just a brief saying of what the tag and release method is it is were you capture the animal that you want and when you get it you put it to sleep but not perminetley. Then after you put them to sleep you put a tag on there leg and all the tag is is just a metal strip that has a number and sometimes the date that it was captured and what DNR reserve it belongs to. One reason this technique could help the Wild Turkey is by making sure that the Wild Turkey isnt carring diseases or anything that could not help the Wild Turkey Population. Another way is that you can find out alot about just one turkey by tagging it and and taking some blood.

Day 1 Reader:
Today I started out into a friends field were he said that the turkeys mate all the time out here,
he also said that if you find some great turkey locations write down were that place is so that he
can hunt them sometime.So I started out in the field when I heard a Tom out behind the trees so
I found a good place to put my tree stand and I sat there for a half an hour with my journal in one
hand and my binoculars in the other when finally out of a pile of bush came a great big Tom coming right towards me when I grab bed my pen and you wouldnt believe what happended next,I
dropped my pen. Well i couldn't jump down and get it so i got into my 10 pound pack and got out
my camera and started taking pictures.Next time I will remember to bring an extra pen. I first looked
at the turkeys and couldn't believe at what I was looking at and then I noticed the feathers on the
Toms back and they were magnificent and I couldn't keep my eyes of of the feathers then he turned
around and I saw this thing hanging from his neck and decided to call it the gobbler.

Day 2 Reader:
So today I remembered to bring 2 pens just in case I drop my 1st one again, but back to the turkeys
yesterday my buddy called me and told me that he had been hearing a bunch of Toms calling out from
behind his house so he told me that I could come out any time I was free and take a look. So today
Feburary 5th 2012 I went out to take a look and when I got out there it was so foggy I couldn't see anything
but after 15min I finally saw about 12 big Toms just laying there. So I immediately got out my pen and
notepad and started writing down what they looked like and what I thought they were doing then, then all
of a sudden a big old coyote came out from behind and tryed to attack one of them but the others around
him were so over protective and saved his life.

Day 3 Reader:
Today I find myself in a very tricky situation, the situation is i found one
turkeys nest that are in the area and was so shocked to that there were
4 eggs in the nest that are ready to hatch, but the tricky part is that
before I found the nest I found the mother of the young dead at the bottom of
the tree. The other thing is I don't know if the father is any were to be found
or if he is dead as well, so I have to make a decision should i call DNR to come
and take the eggs away or set up a camera and see if the dad of the young come
back. So I decided to do both and tell the DNR that i have set up a camera and give
them complete control of the camera. The DNR was so glad that i called them and told
them that there were these young in this nest and they said that if the dad dosen't
come back in the next 24 hours that they will take the eggs and raise them there selves.

Day 4 Reader:
Today I got a phone call from the DNR saying that they have taken in the eggs and that
they are doing just fine. They told me that i can come and see them whenever i want and
they also told me that I should keep looking for nest just like this one. This was so fastening
to me that I decided I will and I went out to my field and looked but no luck but i did fined a new
matting spot and watched about 12 mates matting and one thing I found out was that these birds
have a different way of matting they while matting the Toms get really aggresive over who wants who
while the young females stand in a huddle until on Tom or Jake(young male) come and litterally pick out
which one they want. Then after the matting is over the Toms and Jake's reunite and leave the females so
that the Tom's and Jake's can build the nest so that they are ready for the young females.

Day 5 Reader:
Today I saw 2 big Toms and 2 young females just walking across the field when something most of spooked them because they
got really aggresive and went into there deffensive stage,but then I saw 2 of the biggest Jake's I had ever seen and then i saw the 2 Toms and the 2 Jake's get into a fight and then the females for some reason into the fight as well and soon after the 2 Jakes left and the 4 just went back to what they were doing. The one thing that I found interesting was that the females have been getting more aggresive I don't know if it was because they didn't want to see the 2 they loved fight but they did fight with the others. Many farmers that I have talked to have said that they have never seen this before but a few said that they have seen many fights go on and once or twice the female will go in and fight with the Toms.

Day 6 Reader:
Today I have witnessed maybe one of the best things have have ever seen it was 2 Jakes fighting over one
female turkey. Heres a picture of what it looked like:
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRfNK0LsVaARpd2cHSjFybn9NQjPXHcEne9CkXeeEjtpTQDXJQTag
These 2 turkeys as you can see must really like this one female. Im just gonna talk a little bit about there
aggresion and how in sittuations like these they could end up badley or farley well. One way that this could end
up badley is by one of the turkeys getting extremley hurt or getting killed. One way that this could end up good is by
the female just leaving and one of them decides to stop just cause theres no use, well thats what us humans might
think but really these 2 turkeys will fight until the death and the female may get drug into the fight.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2eGK1gqNQgoSIPtSXug2CmcwWb6msMc6jmnW5YWCtv45nZGg_
Alot of the times when the female is drug into the fight they will just decide to go into the fight with out any
recoginition from the 2 turkeys fighting. The turkey aggresion is a thing you dont want to deal with. If say 2
turkeys are fighting and you are just watching dont think you can stop them because you could get hurt and
they could just possible kill you if it got bad enough.

Day 7 Reader:
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcY7e-b3g04ekGpeCDYPGAR_cOPG7oUQH9gbq5d34D3g2fqrwSNANow I am going to talk about the consumers of the turkey. One of the
biggest consumers of the turkey is the average human. Like I said before sense we were one of the biggest
consumers the turkey might have been our nations bird because it was such a big food source. Turkeys might
have actually been over populated if it became the nations bird. Many people eat turkey durring Christmas, Thanksgiving
and probably others.

Dear Mrs. Bridge:

Today I found 2 dead turkeys and I wondered how they died, so I went onto the internet and typed
in "The Wild Turkeys Limiting Factors", and it brought up a bunch of information about the wild turkeys preadtors. Some
of the limiting factors that it brought up were the weather, other animals, humans as you can see from the last journal
entry, and pestsides. Some ways the weather might affect them is by the weather getting to cold or to hot, some ways humans
are a limiting factor is by them hunting them, some ways other animals could be one is by the turkey being a threat to the
others. Another way humans could be a limiting factor is by the humans hitting them with there cars.

Some sites that I used are,