The Sun Bear


Ryan Cortum

Why this Animal-
Bears have always interested me and this is my favorite. You can have it as a pet which would be awesome. The bear is also the smallest and kind of the outcast because it’s so small. The bear is also really fun to observer when it’s little and with its parents it plays and just looks really funny. It also looks really cool because some people take them as pets and puts close on them.They lumber through the forests by night, snacking on fruits, berries, roots, insects, small birds, lizards, and rodents and I hate lizards so that is a bonus because they die. The bear is also very original because its name isn’t just small bear its sun bear. That means it must be pretty cool to get a cool name. Sun usually means good so that’s got to make it a good bear.

Below is Ryans Food Web

This is a picture of the Bengal Bamboo.bambusa_tulda2.jpg

Here is a picture of the sun bear in the rainforest.imagesCA3GD2FG.jpg

My Journal
Day one: in the Tropical Rainforest: It was such a fun ride in to the rain forest! It’s very interesting there are so many cool animals but I’m here for the sun bear. I was walking and hiking for hours in till I even caught site of the sun bear. It was already dark so I could barely see him but I could tell he was using his claws that are specially shaped to reach into a tree and get honey and even a couple bugs to. When he left I went and took a picture of the trees and the markings the claws left. This is the Sun Bears claws.

foot.jpgThe claw looks alot like a human foot.

Day 2: Today we went off in a jeep to go deeper into the forest. It paid off because we came up on a big group of sun bears. They ran away and where on high alert because they were scared away by our jeeps engines. We came to that conclusion because they have a great sense of smell and hearing but they have dreadful eye sight so it could be a challenge getting close without having them run away. They all ran away but one momma and her cubs, she seemed to sense that we meant no harm and just kept playing with her two cubs. The cubs eventually came right up to me it was so AWESOME!!! We played with them for about 3 hours and observed them in their life. The rest of the bears slowly started coming back to the same spot with us. The only bad news is it started pouring and storming so we had to go back earlier then excepted.

My jeep for the week

Day 3: Today I observed the pack of sun bears using there long tongues to extract honey from a bee hive. That is one of their behaviors that I noticed that it does a lot it does that and it used its curved claws to climb up a tree. The reason it had to climb high up is because three leopards came and where trying to attack them. So there main way of escaping trouble is by climbing. They can’t really compete with a lot of animals because it’s the smallest bear it is also about the size of a dog. They are hunted because they are small and there just a game meat. We ran into a group of poachers trying to kill them so we got into a little skirmish and told them to hunt another animal. So we had a very event filled day hopefully it improves tomorrow.

Day 4: Today we went out on a new track to find other sun bears. We found one but it was in berth so we got to help it along. It is like a human it only has one kid usually but we got lucky and it had twins. We had to move them into captivity because they couldn’t be safe traveling alone. Today we noticed that they have a symbiotic relationship with the bee. The bee makes honey for the bear but the bee doesn’t seem to care as much because it isn’t really being harmed as much. The bear has a predator prey relationship with the leopard the leopard mauls and eats the sun bear and the sun bear really can’t do anything to stop it.

Day 5: Our last day in the Rain Forest L: I had such a great time here this week it was great to learn more about the Sun Bear we kept going back to the same spot and playing with the cubs and even a couple older ones. The bears may have those big sharp claws but they are very nice to us. They never once attacked our tried to hurt us. We learned they have really long tongues, we knew they had them but we didn’t know they were used for getting honey and termites out of the ground. We also learned that they climb trees instead of fighting. So over all this just might have been the BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my tracking of the sun bear at different times.
12:00- The sun bear went and was drinking from the watering hole and he was just minding his own business just a normal start.
12:30-Traveling back to the trees eating some berries and found a little lose honey.
1:00-I took a nap and ate a little bit.
1:30- We played with the small cubs and just played.
2:00-I played a little longer than I ate five lizards then had to run and hide at the peak of a tree because of two leopards.

My Fellow Researcher & Me
My fellow researcher I found was Siew Te Wong. He is the CEO of a company dedicated to sun bears it is very god at helping me find info on my animal. He is currently in Malaysia and he goes to a lot of exotic places to study the sun bear. This is the link for his blog that I read to learn more about him… He is a very decorated researcher in the sun bear world he is the only research I found that independently go’s after the sun bear. He and I are a lot alike in the way that we both find them to be very interesting and how we both think they happen to be the cutest things on earth. He is also currently interested in ways to help the sun bears life because they aren’t endangered but that could change. So he is trying to help them in their habitat and adapting if they have to move the sun bears to a new area. He is also not in it for the money because he runs a lot of non-profit organizations for the sun bears.

This is Siew Te Wong’s about me….
Animal lover all my life. Decided to choose working with wildlife and help them as much as I could as my mission in life. Our own kind kills and eats them, destroy their home, and lock them in cages. I am here to help. Help the voiceless as much as I could. I try to influence other people as much as I could. Make others aware of the conservation issues. On the other hand, I am just like other people. I like food, I like to cook, I like to prepare good and tasty food. Asian food, especially is my favorite: Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thais, are some of my favorite food. I have some secrete recipes, maybe one day I will have my own restaurant when I retire as a conservationist and a wildlife biologist.
My about me...
I like animals. I decide to research this animal because I have always had a like for bears and this one is boss. I have helped insects and used to collect them and name them all. I realize that was bad but it helped me learn a lot about animals and ecosystems when I didn’t even know what an ecosystem is. My favorite food/ foods are chicken wings Arnold palmers and cheddar fries with a side of skittles. One day I would like to play professional football and if that doesn’t work out then I would like to be a football coach and an athletic trainer.

The thing that is limiting my animal is its size and enviroment. The sun bear conservation services are helping alot to just put them in good situations where they will sucede and life. They are also limited not becouse they are running out of food but becouse they are being hunted by pouchers and also other animals. The sun bear is also hated by the leopard and it is hunted for its meat by them. The sun bear cannot protect it self very well the only way it can is by climbing trees really high.The animal is very interseting in the way its claws help them climb and how that is how they evade danger. They also make it very hard for most if not animals to catch the sun bear.

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