Animal: Snowy Owl
Why I like this animal?
I like Snowy Owls because white is my 3rd favorite color. I think it would be cool to have wings that are silent when flying. I also like the color of their eyes. The way the babies and the females are spotted is cool too. Their faces are not flat and the eyes aren't sunken in. It's also really cool that they can spin their head 180 degrees.

I’m in the tundra doing research on snowy owls and there biome. The temp there is -20°F it is cold if you aren’t used to it. I’m here to find more about the snowy owls and there environment and the other animals that live there. The snowy owl eats arctic hairs it has to fight with the arctic wolfs and the arctic foxes. While it hunts it has to keep an eye out for arctic wolfs because wolfs eat owls. The hair eats the grass and arctic willow and other plants. The snowy owl makes its nest on the ground, in trees, and in caves mostly. It is very cold and damp in the tundra regions.

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Photo: A snowy owl perched atop a rock
Photo: A snowy owl perched atop a rock

Observation Journal

Wildlife Monitoring Technique:
The best monitoring technique is probably GPS traking becaus the owls would fly around and thay would go enay where.
Pros: we wont have to set up antennas that may fall in heavy wind. we could were they are and go see them where they are at all times.
Cons: the GPS chip could fall out or could brake and could heart the animal.

Using the research: Some limiting factors are the arctic wolf that might eat them or inger them. The arctic hare and lemming that they eat for energy and food.

Fellow researcher profile: My researcher is Denver Holt he gose and studys the population of both the lemmings and snowy owls. the reson way he studys the lemmings is because the lemming is 90% of there dite. Denver holt built the owl research insitute or ORI. He was interestid in owls sence he was little about 7 or 8.

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