Animal: Siberian Tiger
Location of Animal: Korean Temperate Deciduous Forest

Why this Animal?

The Siberian Tiger is a very beautiful but dangerous animal. I really like its orange and black strips hid itself in the dark jungles, savanna deserts, or tree savannas so that it can attack its prey when they least expect it. The tiger's massive body weight helps bring down its prey faster and easier. I love how their glistening teeth and and claws give you the feeling that this is a scary, dangerous animal. I also like how the Siberian Tiger's eyes seem to glow at night as it looks for a comfortable place to rest for the night. Another thing thing I enjoy about this animal is how its tale swishes silently as it wanders through plants of its home, making itself seem like an inocent cat. This is how I think a Siberian Tiger is a beautiful yet dangerous creature.

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