Animal: Red Panda

Why This Animal?

I choose the Red panda. The reason I choose this animal is because the look of them just caught my eye. I'm also really curious about whether they really are a kind of panda, because there is alot of controversy about it. Plus, they are just the cutest animal I have ever seen! I also want to know about the area of china they live in and see what there doing to help this endangered specie. These are some of the main reasons I choose the Red Panda.

Food Web:

Research Location:
This animal's habitat is in the lush considuos forest. it's annual temperature is fifty degrees ferinhight.

Day1--- As I twas walking threw the lush forest, i heard a very odd sound that i have never heard before. the sound rocked me to my core! as i spun around to see what hade made the large comotion, i saw a cat sise red racoon looking thing speed right by me. its colour amazed soon as it was here it was gone.the sun was lowering inthe red sky and i knew i had to leave. but i will come back soner or later i will come back.


Useing The Reaserch