Animal: Red Fox

Why this animal?
I choose the red fox because I like foxes. I have seen a fox at my Granma's house and it was about 10-15 ft away from me. My last name is Fox. And I want to learn more about foxes. That is why I choose the red fox.

Research Location:
The Red Fox lives in the northern hemisphere from the arctic cercal to northern Africa also seen in Australia/ Falkland Islands. They live from sea leval-4500 ft. I am researching the Grassland biome (also lives in forest, desert, and arctic biomes).

Red Fox Food Web

Wildlife Monitoring Technique:

I am using the technique of tag and reliese, and the GPS tracking.

Observation Journal
Day 1- I just got to the observation spot and need to make a camp site, I might see a fox when I am setting up the camp. I might set out food to attract them and a video camera to see what happens at night. I just hope no other animals come unless it’s a fox.

Day 2- I just got up and checked on the food or what was left of it. So now I am watching the video recording. I think I saw a fox but I couldn’t tell so I might set the food closer to the camera. I am going to look around the woods near the camp site with a camera, maybe I can get a picture of a fox. I can see meany animals around but not a fox mabey I am not in the right place, so might set up motion detecting cameras with night vision by some food in a cage so I can see what I trap at night.

Day 3- When I got up I went to cheack on the cage and I found this... After I recorded the data on the fox, I tagged it and let it go. I will use that trap again tonight.external image 4710946990_157f101054.jpg

Using the Research:
What is over population and how does it effect the red fox? Over population is when a animal population is to big for its habitat. It effects the red fox because if they are over populated there food will run out and they could starve. Or it could help a preditor by giving them a bigger food sorce. It could also effect there water sorce by decresing it that will effect everything in that area or habitat.

Fellow reseacher:
I found MacDonald, D., J. Reynolds, but no info on who they where. But they where sited in the first animal research city.

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