Animal; Porcupine

Why this animal?
The Porcupine is an interesting animal to me. They interest me because they are really good climbers, and can fight off there enemys easily. It surprises me that they are good climbers because they have all those thrones and i would think that they would get stuck in the tree but they don't. I also want to learn more about how they live and what kinds of enemys they have. I want to learn more about them because i dont really know anything about them besides they have tons of thorns on there back and they look cool. I also picked this animal because they are different then all the other ones, they are thornes in there back and most don't so that makes them unique. I would like to find out how long the thornes can grow, how many a thorns a porcupine can have and if they can have to many at once, and if they can hurt itself. That is why i picked the porcupine becasue it is interesting to me and i would like to learn more about it!

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