Animal:Panthera tigris

Why this Animal? Tigers are nearly extinct. I wamt to know what they eat. I wonder how fast do they go? What will it take to have one for a pet in case someone bracks in. I warnt to studie them because they can run fast.

Food Web

Location:northeast of china
Biome:grass land
Climate: warm, Moisture
Animals rabits,Burrowing Owl, porcupines
Plants: Pampas grass, not to many trees

Observation Journal:

Day1) I am in north eastern of china look for the panther tigris, the tiger. I’m sitting in a blind writing for a tiger. I have seen the tiger I’m been looking for and she is big and fast. Her claws are so sharp it can hip through your skin like it was nothing. Her color helps him hide in the tall grass to hunt for his prey. Her teeth are all red from its prey.
Day2) I see my tiger chasing its prey. Then she gives her food to her young cubes. Then she goes of to get her food. When she gets back she sees her cubes playing. They’re rolling around and biting each other and pouncing on each other.

Day3) I am watching how my tiger gets her food. I see my tiger getting ready to attack its prey. It prey is on a boar, rabbits, Asiatic black bears, sloth bear, turtles, porcupines, water buffalo, black buck, musk deer, Indian elephants. What she uses to kill her prey is the rest of her prey. Her sharp teeth and her sharp claws. When she’s done eating she brings her cubs ate between 18 and 40 kg of meat. She gets her water from the river and she brings her cubs with her to get some water. She takes shelter in the tall grass with her cubs.
Day4) She plays with her cubs. She sneaks up on her prey and attacks her prey. She is able to leap from 8 to 10 meters and excellent swimmer. She can cross a river that is to 6-8km. She can climb because of her powerful legs and because of her retractable claws.
Day5)The only relationship my tiger has is with her offspring. She prefer hunt in dense vegetation and along routes where she can hunt quietly. She docent interacts with her on kind but when it is mating season. She eats the other animals in her ecosystem. Her symbiotic relationship is mutualism because both animals benefit on one animal.

Animal Research:

I chose the tag and release because I what to know what it does in that area and where it finds its food. It shows you when the Panthera Tigris is moving and medium beep and medium beeps mean it is moving and it moved four times, slow means its resting and fast beeps mean its dead. Its prey is a rabbit and I can tell if it is moving because it beeps will be in the medium. I can tell when it is sleeping because the beeps will be slow. When the tiger was sleeping was because he was done eating the rabbit.

Fellow Researcher
Emma Stokes works for the WCS in Cambodia and it’s has a program tigers forever. Emma has worked in other countries such as Republic of Congo. Before she started studying the tigers she was studying the chimpanzees and gorillas. The tigers have the same threats that the gorillas and chimpanzees have. Emma’s experience will help her be able to help the tigers. Emma Stokes and I are like because we both want to protect animals.

Using the research

There is a lot of limiting factors because of poaching, hunting, destroying their habitat being destroyed and not enough food. The reason why people poach them is because of ther skin and some people want exoctic pets. Some people hunt them for fun. People destroyed ther habitat because of the people taking the land for farming and building house.The reason they are running out of food is because we are taking ther food.