Northern Leopard frog/Tree frog
Why this animal?
I like to catch frogs in the summer. I'm very interested in them because of the patterns on their skin. Their shape allows them to blend in to their backround. I also like how they leap at increadible hieghts. I also love the color green. Studying frogs is very fasinating to learn about.
Tree frogs eat basiclly insects like flies, moths, worms, grasshoppers, and crickets. Animals like snakes and birds like to eat tree frogs. since the tree frog lives in the rainforest, the rainforest provides the food and water it needs. the rainforest is the reason the tree tree frog still lives to this very day.

Rainforests are not only the home to frogs but to snakes, lizards, and insects, reptiles, amphibians, macaws, toucans, monkeys, and many other forest animals.

Its biome is one of the biggets forests on the planet, The Rainforest. It is home to many creatures of the wild. Chimpanzees, gorillas, birds, even frogs like to live in this magnificent rainforest for long periods of time. It has been their home for centuries and will be for many more. They also make this wierd noise like a deap voiced fake burp sound. Its called their mating call. They use it to find each other and to comunicate.
Some Fun Facts
Did you know that some tree frogs scientific name is Agalychnis callidryas. Also, did you know that Callidryas is the greek word for beautiful tree nymph? Also, did you know that the scientific name for the tree frog family is Hylidae.
Also, red-eyed tree frogs are carnivores and mainly consume insects. Fish, dragonflies, and water beetles all prey on tadpoles.

Food Web

The Tree Frog
The tree frog is a very interesting creature. Its hands and feet, eyes, and stomach help it to blend in to its backround. The Tree Frog usually is able to blend into its background but when a predator comes around, it is able to show its feet and hands, belly, and eyes and startle the predator long enough to get away safely. Then it can find another place to hide safely without being discovered. The Tree Frog also makes an odd noise like a deep throated �erag�. This noise is their mating call. They use it to find each other and to communicate.
The Tree Frog eats mainly insects such as flies and crickets. It finds shelter in the trees providing safety, protection, and food and water. Tree frogs mainly associate with other tree frogs, leopard frogs, poison dart frogs, poison arrow frogs, Green and Black poison frogs, Strawberry poison frogs, Goldodukean poison frogs, striped marsh frogs, green tree frogs, nursery frogs, giant tree frogs, green eyed tree frogs, Northern barred frogs, dainty green tree frogs, lesueur's frogs, and northern Dwarf tree frogs.
These frogs are alike because they are all very bright, very colorful, and very poisonous. Their poisons are able to kill at least 100 people, including animals. Many people fear these creatures because of their poison. But the poison isn't just deadly. It is also very valuable. Their poison when used in the correct way can be used to treat sicknesses and cure the ill.
These frogs are different because of their colors. They all share the same brightness but the one thing they do not share is the same color pattern. They also differ by their size. Some are of a large size and others are very small. Another way they differ is their shape. Some are round, some are slim, some are fat, some are shaped like rocks, and some are just like your typical, everyday frog.