Why Do I Like This Animal?
What about this animal interest me because the macaroni penguin has yellow almost native amercian head dress thats what it reminds me of it is a bueatiful animal i think its interesting because a britsh expolor named the penguin because it remined him of the young "yankee doodle" or "macaroni" so thats how it got its name

Macaroni Penguin
\Macaroni penguins live in the tundra. It is very cold there generally about 20 degrees or lower most of the time. It can be very hard to see in this environment mostly because snow that cannot be packed fly’s around a lot. There is normally a big body of water surrounding it. That’s how that macaroni penguin gets most of their prey the dive into the ocean and catch fish and that’s why it’s so important that they live bye water. And yes they are a type of bird but not flying birds they cannot fly so they stay in tundra were it is very cold which makes absolutely no sense to me but ok. Other animals you could find are different breeds of penguins, seals, polar bears, that are only some of the many animals you could find. As I described very shortly there is basically no vegetation life on the tundra….Tundra
The tundra is the light blue on the mapimagesCABSOGSM.jpg

Observation Journal

Day 1
Today I came to Antarctica and got a very interesting view of the macaroni penguins there are some great parents. They are with there young 24/7 they always treat each other with tons of respect. They are very protective they always are with there young if they try to mess with one another. They are very comforting to look at because they love there young so much it is heart warming to see them with there young. They are so caring in my opinion we should have as good parenting skills as them they learn o fend for them selves when there old enough.
Day 2
Today I got up from sleeping on a hard ice floor with only a few blankets so it was pretty chilly but I am looking forward to later today. I am going o observe more macaroni penguins in there natural habitat. This is much better than watching them in a zoo. They have way more interaction with each other. Also other animals are in there habitat too so it very interesting to watch them in there natural habitat. There are some predators that try to attack them but they stick it out they may not come out very well but that’s the cycle of life.

Researcher profile

GPS Tracking Chip

There is a GPS tracking system that uses a chip it can be implanted into any animal underneath the skin. There are also ear tags so if you don’t want to “hurt” the animal they can be located by radio frequency identification. By a hand held scanner or a huge scanner. These chips have become particularly useful if you have lost a pet. Most people that put these chip on animals are kennels, breeder, brokers, and trainers. But I also think that this could be used in the tracking of penguins because it is such a small chip. And I guess if you track every single macaroni penguin in the wild I’m pretty sure that they would have no were to hid because they are being tracked so there for they can keep a better eye on the macaroni penguins.
I am going to try and find some examples for you but It may be kind of hard….
This video is more about the chip and not about the virus