Animal: Lion

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Why this animal? Due Friday

-The reason I chose this animal is because I have always been interested in Lions for some reason. They are verry cool looking animals and I like the way that there furr runs throughout their bodies. They are also verry powerful... they can definetly kill many animals that I thought there was no way that they were going to win that battle but they do! They also way in the range of 300 pounds to 500 pounds. They are cool looking animals and I like the way that they hunt their pray. They also run fast and look cool when they run. Those are the reasons that I chose the lion for my reasearch animal.

Description of the savanna:

The savanna has many interesting things here. The savanna biome is located in Africa. When I look around I see many things. The lions running around hunting for their pray and playing. I see other big animals like buffalo, zebra, wildebeests, and many other animals. It is raining here, a little breeze and more drizzles of rain. The plants here are nice, they are back from the dry winter season when they all shrivel up and die. The shelter that lions use here is interesting. They sleep during the day so that they can avoid the heat. (I think the weeds might help with blocking the heat as well.) Lions sleep 20 hours a day! The lion does not really have to have a lot of water because they live in the desert. They need water but it’s not like they need it every 10 seconds because they are used to having some but not a lot. Most of the lion’s water sources are in the rainy season. It rains quite frequently in the savanna and that’s where it gets a lot of the water. This is what the atmosphere is like in the Savanna biome.

Observation Journal:

Day 1: Today was pretty awesome! I woke up and started my journey through the desert. The lions were roaming the area; they kept me on my toes all day today as well as watching my back! The weather is pretty good right now, the sun is out and the breeze is rushing through the air! Then, I saw it. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen! The lion come out of the weeds. I followed it for quite a while. It looked good. Its main was thick with hair and short on the rest of the body. Its ears were hiding behind its hairy main. The fur was a golden yellow; it looked good on this lion as well. When he opened his mouth I seen the longest teeth that I have ever seen on an animal! They gave me the shivers. I wanted to stay on this particular animal because it seemed like it was doing sever things so I followed it for a while! Let me say, being in the desert with wild animal, I was definitely watching my back! This lion unparticular was a male because it had the big thick main on it! As I watched it throughout the day, I realized that it is the King of The Jungle! It only eats meat so it would attack it’s pray and feast. So to wrap up the day, it was interesting; I got to see many cool things that the lions do and what their habitat is!

Middle of Night: I woke up this morning at about 2:00 and herd something outside my tent. I didn’t want to move for fear it was a lion. I went for my knife and peered out the tent, just to find a rat of some sort… then I slowly drifted back to sleep.

Day 2: I woke this morning thinking about my amazing day I had yesterday and was thinking of what I was going to do today. I decided to roam the area one more day to get the feel for it a little bit more. I got a fire going and made my breakfast. I was cooking my breakfast and it started to get hot out so I decided to quickly take down my tent before I continued make my breakfast. As I was taking it down I spotted a Zebra. It was the coolest looking think that I had seen in a while. I just left it alone as I took down my tent but then; it come closer and closer to me! I didn’t do much research on the Zebra and wasn’t sure what to think. I just minded my own business wonder what it was going to do. Soon, it ran away alarmed at something! I wasn’t sure what it was so I went to look if anything was chasing it. I looked and sure enough, I got to see another take down by the lion! The same way it took down the wildebeest! It was awesome! The rest of the day I didn’t see much, I just searched the area wondering what was going to come but it was a quiet day! Guess tomorrow will be better.

Day 3: Today I woke up, expecting an awesome day, just to see that it was raining! I was a little disappointed but I realized that it would still be fun. I got on my rain coat, made my breakfast, and was ready to go search! Today I really wanted to learn what behaviors the lions use. As I was walking, I saw a lion laying down sleeping. It has been said in research that a lion sleeps most of the day because it is so hot. Then they get up at night and get there pray! It all started to make sense! I just left it alone and kept walking. Never disturb a lion while it is in its happy sleep… at least that how I put it! As I got into the day more the sun came out and the rain stopped! I was getting a little worried because it started to get really hot! I started to sweat and I was running out of water. I decided to turn back to go get water at the camp. Well it turns out, I am glad I turned back because on the way back I got to see a fight. It was cool. The lion verses a different lion. It was an even match so it was fun to watch… as long as they didn’t spot me! They were fighting over the food that they just brought down. It was so interesting. They finally quit and I kept going. So far on the list of things I found that they like to do is sleep and they also fight with each other. This day was going great so far. After that, I herd a lion from a distance roar. It seemed like the loudest thing I have ever herd! It surprised me at first. I added to my list that they can roar from a distance… I couldn’t see the lion so I though it might be quite a ways away. I decided to search it when I got back to the camp. I found that a lion’s roar can carry for least 5 miles! WOW!!! What a great day. I decided to get some rest because it took me a while to get back to camp and I was tired! As I fell asleep, I was already thinking about the next day!

Day 4: Today is my last day and I really wanted to learn more and more about lions. It was a great morning. The sun was out but it wasn’t too hot yet. I made my breakfast and moved on. I made sure I had a lot of water because I was sure that it would get hot. As I was walking I seen a lion trying to lie down in the grass; because it wasn’t sleeping, I though that it was using it for shelter to keep from getting hot. In my research, I realized that this would be a good example of Parasitism. The lion is benefiting, but the grass isn’t. As I kept walking I really wanted to see another fight go on between 2 lions like I did yesterday. Then out of no where a lion came out of some weeds. It didn’t go and attack anything; it just stood there. Then, I saw another lion in a distance drinking water. The lion started to run towards it. I though I was going to see a cool fight again but the 1st lion slowed down when he got near and started to drink from the puddle as well. It was perfect; I kept getting and learning things from symbiotic relationships! That one would be considered mutualism; both benefit. The day started to wind down and I really wanted to see more. I decided to stay out a little late to see if I could get anything else. I sat there, waiting for a lion to pop out; but nothing happened! It was getting dark and I knew that that is when lions come out. I decided to get back to camp because I didn’t want to be lion supper. I got back to camp, pitched my tent, and went to sleep; thinking about the awesome 4 days I just had! It was great!

Day 5: I woke up this morning and got everything ready to go and let camp with all my gear. I had to board my plane in less than an hour so I had to hurry. As I was walking I saw a Zebra walking along minding its own business when there came a lion and it was lion breakfast. I was so happy I got to see another fight happen! The cool thing was, the zebra didn’t give up. It faugh as hard as it could; but then, there were more lions and it finally come down. I was running late already so I had to get the jeep and get to the air port and go!

Monitoring Technique:cademiller.jpg

Researcher Profile:
University of Minnesota researches the lion. They use radio tracking to track them. When they find them they identify each individual in the group. Then they check any signs of sickness, injuries, if they are pregnant, and their location. If they are feeding from a kill, they note what there pray is and weather the lion killed or scavenged it. Then they use the GPS to record their location.
They take the info that they get and e-mail it to the Lions Research Center in Saint Paul. When it gets there they rely on an army of undergraduates who check the data. The updates are then added to the computer to show more about the lions.

I wasnt quite done... this is what I have.

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