Animal- Lion

Why this animal:
I pick the Lion because its the king of the jungle. Its a hunter, I think thats really cool. I picked the lion also because the are really pretty. I love the color of there fur. Its really cool, they have alot oof fur. I think that is really cool. Its a hunter, it hunts to survive. I know alot of animals do that but a Lion just sticks out. They are very fast. They have no problem finding food. Not many animals challenge the Lion. If they do they rarely lose. So thats why I picked the Lion.

From the desk of: Wild life biologist Alex Vilovchik
I just got off the plane in Western Africa. We are heading to the prairie to find the Lion. We drove through the long thick brush of the savanna. Some live in the desert. Its hot in the desert so thats why they have short fur. But im studying the Lion that lives the Savanna We still haven’t found one yet. It's still pretty warm here but its better that the desert. I’m hope we will soon. We are riding in a Jeep because the Lions are very fast and we couldn't out run the Lion.

Today we say the Lion. He was huge. We couldn’t get really close because it could attack at anytime. We didn't see it for very long. It started to run away we followed it untill we decided to stop. I found out that they are fast to get away from hunters. Without speed they would all die. They have short fur. They have the large manes to show there size. There claws and teeth are razor sharp. They travel in packs of 13 Lions.