This animal intrest me because it is the only type of dragon alive. Also because if u get bit by one its poison can kill you. I like it because it can grow up to ten feet. I like the komodo dragon because the dragon waits to attack and its poison slows down the prey. I want komodo dragon and name him icigo kowiswaki.

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I had just gotten to Indonesia. As I was walking through tall grass I fell over what I thought to be a log and it was a komodo dragon. It wasn’t very tall. It was long tailed. The Komodo dragon had a long tongue. It could kill something with its poisonous bite. Its tongue has toxins on it that paralysis you so that it can eat you.
That is a really long tongue. They are really fast. They can catch you if they feel harmed.
As you can see they are really fast. They like warm and grassy areas. The Komodo dragon can not climb trees. I was lucky to be there when he was going to look for a komodo dragon. It was very hot. My legs were being scratched up by all the tall grass. There weren’t that many there because they are hunted by natives. Fires storms and earthquakes really do damage to there population and environment.
The Komodo dragon is vicious; it will attack any thing that it thinks will harm them. That is why I think I should keep my distance. It is getting kind of dark here so I might be getting some sleep soon. I might have to put up a hammock because that tall grass is so itchy. The trees are tall so that will help my cause for sleep. I should get some shut eye.
DAY 4 final day.
Well it is bright and sunny now but off in the distance it looks like its going to rain. The storms here are fierce here. I feel bad for them. The storms are killing them off. Hunters are killing them for there pelts. The komodo dragons are becoming extinct. I want to do every thing I can to help them. This is the end of my stay here I hope I can do something for them.