interdution Animal: King penguins
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Why This Animal?
I chose this penguine becuse, it can live in clod wether and they know how to survive in harsh wether.They depend on eathother and they hepl each other.They have silc skin /feathes to repel water when they swimm for fish. When the babies are born up to a serten age the have fuzzy furr to help them stay warm and they dont have feathers like their parents becuse they dont know how to swimm and they wount know how to swimm until their fuzz sheds off.i also like them becuse hey are a family and they saty toghter and they work together.

10 adjectives about the king penguine
1.they have yellow on their neck,beak and heads
2.they spen most of their time in the ocean catching fish.
4.good swimmer. on the south Geogia island
6.the second larget kind of penguin
7.they are 85 to 95 cm tall
9.their babys are fuzzy and dont have feathers
10.they slid on ice to help them go place to place

Research location
were dose my animal live
my animal lines on the south geogia island.


food web

observaton journal

Behaviors and adaptation

wildlife monitoring technique

Researcher profile

Using the Research
the limiting factors, people hunt the fish that they eat and the penguins dont have enugh food for themselfs. People throw thing in to the water that they swim in and they thing if a fish or somthing and they eat it and they choke and die or it gets wraped around them and thye cant get away. sea lions and other preador eat them but most of the time they can get away but oil spills make the water thinker so it hareder for them to swimme.

were i got my information
king penguins
I got all my information frome thees websits and my reashurchers of one of thes to.
penguing wold
penguins around the world and I got my reashurcher from here to.