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I'm a cat person and i've always wanted a large cat such as a Jaguar. They seem like they would be a good guard animal. Other big cats that i like are Leapords, Cheetahs, Lions, Tigers, Panthers ETC.

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The rainforest is full of exotic animals that are widely popular throughout the world.

DAY 1: My animal is Jaguar. I know some things about it. I need to do more research to find out more. The jaguar I see now is sitting in a tree hanging around waiting for someone or something to come to it. Maybe it will attack. Maybe it will just look at it but I wouldn't turn my back on it. It is unpredictable. This animal is from the cat family. It has spots all over its body. The whole body on top is yellowish and its stomach is white. It is covered with interesting spots from head to toe.

DAY 2: I am writing you deep into the rain forest in the northern part of South America. I can't tell you exactly where I am but I'm in a forest. The cats I'm observing are living in the rain forest. The cat is very large....about as big as me...a 6 feet tall male. They seem to adapt to the forest very well. Their coat blends in which I can see how they can hide so well. I have seen them in other areas and they are darker here to blend in a lot more. Their flower like design in their coats can be mistaken as part of the plants in the forest. Very clever! By looking at them they looked to be around 79 to 350 pounds....that is a big cat. They are lazy mammals. Boy do they sleep. I observed them for the last 2 days and a lot of them slept for 20 hours. When they are awake......they run around scouting for food, ususally alone.......it seems they hunt in a territory. I watched a male jaguar setting up his territory by urinating and scratching marks onto trees.......they also show their dominates by showing their strength and making loud growls to animals in the area.....done on the ground mostly....I saw one cat hunt a tapir. They are quiet and patience to getting their prey. So sleeping in trees and hunting is the life of a jaguar. We aren't too worry about these giant cats hurting us. Past studies we have read show that we aren't a threat to them so if we don't mess with their terrirtory they would mess with us.

Day3: It is day 3. The 2 cats we have been watching are sleeping in the trees once again. However we did see a hunting experience in the early morning where both of them went out to the water source that was near by. It was a slow moving river that many animals share from birds to crodile that they caught a lowly turtles swimming across it. The Jaguars seem to be good swimmers and caught the turtle at ease. After that they climbed back into the trees and went to bed.

Day4: They are sleeping again......did I say they sleep a lot!!! They do....they slept 15 hours in a row. Gee Wizz! However.....we saw an unbelieve site in a hunt one of them went out looking for prey and ran into a gazelle. He instantly hid itself and disguised himself in the suroundings. Watching all the time. He waited with great patiences just waiting....then suddenly his backside with up to set himself up for attack. He ran so fast.....like the wind.....and catch up with the gazelle and grabbed his backside and threw it off balance so the jaguar can restains the animal. He went for the throat first. The animal kicked and kicked until it was silent.
Then the cat grabbed the gazelle with his great paws.......the gazelle laid there defenseless. I was shocked. I have never seen anything like this before....the power that mammal has. The jaws and claws helps take apart the prey very quickly and the cat.

Day 5: It is so interesting to watch these animals. They seemed to not be concerned about any other species in the rain forest. However, today we watched a python snake come too close to the biggest cat we are observing. the cat seemed disturded by it presents. Jaguars don't normally deal with them but they adapted to what needs to be doen to protect itself and he seemed to sense that this python wasn't there to visit so he grabbed him by his jaw and snapped his head off. And that was the end of the snake. The jaguar dosent have any simbiotic relationships because its a keystone animal. It helps regulate the mammals in its ecosystem.