Animal: Jaguar
Why this Animal?
This is why I chose the Jaguar cat to research and learn about. First of all, my original topic was a Siberian White Tiger, but I found out that there aren't very many (if any) White Tigers in the wild. I still wanted to research some type of feline, so I decided on the Jaguar. Melanistic Jaguars (which are the specific type of Jaguar I am studying) have a certain "Panther" look. The word "melanistic" means "dark colored pigment in the skin," and panthers are usually jet black. Personally, Melanistic Jaguars are one of my favorite animals, because I used to have a black kitty named Jake, and he reminded me of a Panther/Jaguar. Unfortunately, he ran away one day, and we never saw him again. This is one of the reasons why I have always admired Jaguars.

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