Animal: Gray Wolf

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Why this Animal?

I think the gray wolf is a very interesting animal. I like how it is related to the coyote and how it looks like a dog. I want to research why the color of the wolves fur varies. Also I want to learn how wolves are different from coyotes. I would like to know how they are different from domesticated dogs too. I want to find out if the gray wolf is common in Iowa and if you can hunt wolves. I want to know how people track wolves. Also I want to know if there is a place I can go to see wolves in the wild, if I want to.

Tobyn's Food Web:

Tc= Tertairy Consumer
P= producer
2nd C= Secondary Consumer
Pc= Primary Consumer
H= Herbovire
C= Carnivore
The decomposers are herbovires


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Using the Research


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