Animal: Gorilla

Why This Animal

Do you like gorillas? I do and i"m going to telll you why. I have always wanted a pet gorilla.I could train it to do tricks like fight, ride a skateboard, and even drive a car. I think there really cool becuse there just like a human. there really big so I could train it to fight people that try to fight me. so do you like gorillas or don't you now that I have told you about this amazing creature.

Food web


Research location

My name is Cameron and my animal is a gorilla, as you all may know by now, but what you don’t know is where it lives and I’m going to tell you all about that. The gorilla lives in a tropical forest. The tropical forest is a beautiful forest with tons of amazing animals. The average temperature is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, that is how it is all year. The tropical forest also has about 250 cm of rain per year, and that’s because it’s so hot there it has to rain or everything would boil. The reason why it rains so much is because the precipitation level is 50%, so that means it rains all the time. This is where my animal the gorilla lives in the amazing tropical forest.

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Observation journal
Day 1-
As I walked into the deep, dark, forest there were lots of monkeys but not the animal I was looking for. But then the monkeys started to run away, there was this big thing with black fur, and it was walking on its knuckles, it had a bigger stomach than the monkeys and all its relatives, the gorilla had huge arms but unlike the human its arms where bigger than its legs, but still the gorilla is just like a human in many different ways, that’s when I was eye to eye with a gorilla. It was a mother with two babies its babies looked just like her they were walking on their knuckles and mimicking their mother’s actions. I was scared to get close, because there extremely aggressive but when I did I found out that the mother doesn’t like people trying to touch its baby, it ran after me and chased me out of the forest, and I thought they weren’t that fast but I was wrong. That was the conclusion of my day.
Day 2-
Again I’m looking for the gorilla but this time I want a closer look. As I was walking through the forest I saw lots of birds way more than last time. Then I came upon the great gorilla weighing about 374 pounds the gorilla is the largest primate, weighing that much can scare lots of praetors away, so that could be a physical adaptation of the gorilla. Also I did some research on why its stomach is larger than it chest, because they have really big intestines so they can consume all the vegetation they eat which is allot. When I finally got the guts to get close to the gorilla it was much nicer than the day before, it let me touch his face it was so rough and wrinkly but somehow I thought it was so cute. Then she let me put a tracking device on her. I am learning allot more about the amazing gorilla because I never saw this creature before. That ended my second day but this time I didn’t get chased out of the forest I got followed.
DAY 3-
I was walking through the forest but this time something was different I could not find a gorilla. Then I found a gorilla and it had something around its ankle, then I knew it was a tracking device , how the device works is you put it around the animal of your choice and you have these big antennas that you bring out into the forest and wave them back and forth in tell you finally find you animal. So that’s when I had the idea that I should track a gorilla so I could check it every day so I know what the gorilla dose, where it is, when it is hinting, or when it dies. So I found another gorilla seating down under a three, first I had to get it to trust me, so I just sat there looking at it hoping it would make its way over to me. I sat there for about a half hour and then the gorilla decided to get up and come over to me. It was nice way nicer than the first gorilla that chased me, but this gorilla had black fur but it was starting to turn gray, it was a male an old male, so I decided to put the tracking device around his ankle. And it was late so I went home to get some rest.
Day 4-
I looked over the scans from the tracking device and the gorilla really likes to stay in one spot for a long period of time and eats. Also the gorilla doesn’t have much to worry about because it’s so big and strong that nobody wants to mess with it so on the scan it didn’t show it going fast it just like to set in one spot for most of the day. But the gorilla really can run fast and they run in packs that are why no one would mess with it (well at least I wouldn’t). The gorilla gets its water from rivers and on the scans it shows that the gorilla lives around the rivers and threes in the area. I even went down to the river the other day and when the gorillas come there all the monkeys and everything leaves because there the kings of the primates. When I was down at the river I saw this guy shoot a gorilla and they were hunting them, the reason why that’s a bad idea is the gorilla can only have 2 babies per littler and that’s like every 2 years or so. By people hunting them it could lead to distinction. That was the end of my day.
Day 5-
I walked to the forest and I saw this gorilla and it was making this weird noise. I checked to see if it was hurt but it wasn’t I didn’t know what was going on. Then I thought to myself long and hard and then I knew this wasn’t just any gorilla it was a pregnant gorilla. Then I was watching a baby gorilla being born into the world. And that was the sight that ended my journey. I didn’t know how I was suppose to leave this wonderful place but I did and I someday I know I will come back.

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