Name: Gorila

Why this animal

Do you like gorilas? I like them because their strong. They are the strongest primate. They also are the biggest primaete. That’s why I like them!!!!!!

Food Web:

Location: Africa
Biome: Rainforest
Climate: wet, hot and humid
Animals: Snakes, tigers, birds
Plants: trees, vines, flowers

Day 1
A gorilla played with his brother. They got really close to me. They got scared of me and tired to hit me. They got to learn to use tools to eat food.
Day 2
The gorilla sat on my lap and petted me. We played catch and he won. He threw a stick at me and had fun.
Day 3
Today I saw the gorilla that threw the stick at me eat some ants and termites.
Day 4
The gorilla used the tree to live in so it can have shelter and to be safe from preders. The gorilla has friends to pick the ticks off the other gorillas so that is the simbiotick relashinship. The gorillas play hareder then me and my brother.
Day 5
The gorilla has alot of fun with each other and play hard! The gorlla has to much fun sometimes. The gorillas will fite other anamiols and their bigger then other anamoils.

Wild life monitoring

They use the coaler because it helps the scientists to track the monkeys to see if the monkeys coude live in the wild. The monkeys don’t have a lot of problems with the coalers. The scientists have to see if the monkeys are dead or alive. So if you don’t know if the monkeys will servive in the wild. The scientists study the monkeys when the monkeys are free in the wild.