Animal: Emperor Penguin

Why this animal?
The Emperor penguin is the most unique animal in my oppinion. I have allways liked penguins but the Emperor Penguin is the one that looks like a more traditional penguin to me. I like penguins because the way thegy look and also the way they act. I also picked the Emperor penguin because it is interesting that it is only a 4 foot tall bird and can't fly. A penguin is a very different animal than all the others like it lives in negative weather and the weather could be a -80oF. So I picked this animal for the reasons that i stated also it is a very uniquely different animal.

Emperor Penguin Food Web
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Tundra Biome
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Day 1 Antarctica:I got off the plane yesterday night, I was escorted to the shelter I was going to stay in for the next couple of days; once I found my room I was asleep in an instant. This morning I woke up to a freezing cold room so I got put on my coat and other winter gear and headed outside to see the wonders of Antarctica, and the animals that lived there. So I started outside with my camera and my journal, I was looking for any type of animal but my main animal I wanted to see was the Emperor Penguin. I knew from research that Emperor Penguins take shelter in ice caves during hazardous blizzards and they are black penguins with white stomach's and white they also have a yellow around there necks. They are 4 feet tall and the babies are all grey with some black on there heads. All I saw was icicles hanging from the ceiling but no penguins. I did see penguins just not the Emperor Penguin. It is about 5:30p.m. And I have not spotted a penguin, so I am going back to the shelter to get more sleep and go back out tomorrow. On the way back to the shelter I was looking for Emperor penguins but there wasn't any Emperor penguin but i did see a Macaroni Penguin here is a picture.
external image 30.1295636032.the-lone-macaroni-penguin.jpg

Day 2 Antartica:I woke up for the second day of exploring, I am stikll not used to the cold when waking up. I started outside when i spoted a Emperor penguin in the distance, i was so excited I started running at it with my camera in my hand. When i got close i took a picture of it so I could remember my first Emperor Penguin I saw in real life. Here is a picture of the little peguin Jimmithy (I named him Jimmithy). If u notice the Emperor Penguin as a baby in mostlty grey with white on there heads, compared to the adult which is black and white and some orange yellow on there necks.
external image penguin-chick.jpg
I looked around him to see where his family is so I looked to the left than the right I wondered how the little guy was here alone so I looked behind him and I saw this. The penguins in this picture are in a colony, a colony is a group of penguins that stay together and travel together. The Emperor Penguin's habitat is very cold, the penguins have 80 feathers per square inch on there body which keeps them warm
external image emperor-penguin_521_600x450.jpg
I was amazed on how many penguins there were I was filled with joy, I wanted to see a few of penguins but I saw a whole colony. So I marked the area with a metal pole in the ice so i could go back tomorow, to see them again.

Day 3 Antarctica: I just got used to waking up in the cold climate on the last day I am here. I knew the exact locaion of the penguin colony from the other day, I can still imagine all those penguins. So I started heading outside I felt a huge gust of wind coming at me as I walk out the door it had to be atleast 60 below. I finally got to the place i marked and there weren't as many penguins as yesterday because of the harsh cold weather. But I did see Jimmihy before I left he looked soo happy and i was sad because I would miss him greatly. I had already packed my stuff to leave and I forgot my camera in my bag so I couldn't take a goodbye photo to the penguins.

Wildlife Monitering Technique: I would use the radio coller because there are not many places you could put a motion sensor camera. The reason i would use the coller is that i would know how much of the time they spend swimming and on land. you couldnt put a camera underwater and have good resultes. It is also a good choice becasue you can find out where a penguin colony is located at. You could find out where they travel and why they traveled there.

Using the research:

Fellow Researcher Profile:
Mr. Zitterbart is a scientist that is studying the Emperor penguin and how they stay warm. He states that the penguins huddle for warmth in harsh winter climates. He and his friends plan to put a remote controll observatory to study the Emperor Penguin year round.

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