Why This Animal?

It's a fierce strong animal that can hunt for itself and doesn't have to eat things that are already dead.
They are like a wild dog or a wolf and I like those kind of animals.
I like how they can live in different types of weather and biomes, like in cold weather or hot weather.
They might be a smaller animal but they can still take down some pretty big animals.
I like how they are carnivores because I like meat too.
I like hunting them, it helps us because we rent out some land to someone that owns sheep and sometimes the coyotes get a sheep.
They are in the least concerned section for population which means it is ok to shoot them.

Animal Food Web

Animal Biome Research

My animal’s biome is the Grassland biome. The Grassland biome is a grass filled area with very little trees and its’ main source of food is grass. The grassland biome is found in many places around the world but I’m going to be talking about the grasslands in Central North America. The climate changes throughout the seasons of the year it can get to degrees above 100 F to -40 F. The precipitation is 20-35 inches per year. There is more than just grass; there are flowers, and few types of trees. This biome has a rich soil which is good for plants to grow in. Other animals you might see in the grassland;
Herbivores: Rabbits, Mice, Deer, Etc.
Carnivore: Coyote, Fox, Hawk, Etc.
Invertebrates: Larva, Butterfly, Praying Mantis, Etc.
Omnivores: Blue birds, Owls, Sparrow, Etc.
The grassland biome is a good area for the coyotes to live because they get to run around a lot of places and when there are plants there will be herbivores like deer, rabbits, or mice and by doing this it is good for decomposers.
This is a map of the grassland biome of America. These are all places the coyote lives in.

Animal Observation

Day 1:
I’ve been riding my ATV looking for coyotes and I finally found one. It's tanish brown with a little gold and it's pretty big. Usually coyotes hunt in packs; I don’t know why this one is alone. It looks like it is just hunting for food. WOW! It just pounced on a rabbit and killed it, but it’s not eating it yet. It’s getting darker now; maybe he’ll rejoin with his pack. I’m trying to follow him back to his home without him knowing. I have found his den and it looks like he has a pup and a momma. Now I know why he kept the rabbit, it’s for the mom. I just took a picture of the pup and I think it saw me but I hope it doesn’t tell its parents. Well it’s getting pretty dark out I better get back to my tent. I'll mark this on my map first so I know where it’s at.

Day 2:
Just woke up from a good night sleep, it’s 5:00 A.M. and I’m ready to observe the coyotes more. I’m quite a ways away from the den but I have binoculars just for safety purposes. I see the coyote that led me to the den it looks like it’s just gotten up from sleep too, it’s stretching before he hunts. He is going from his den out into the prairie and he is looking for most likely another rabbit. He just ate a small mouse, must have needed some food. He has spotted a rabbit and is running after it. He got it! He’s going back to the den. He just gave it to the mom and pup. The mother is taking care of its pup well. Usually there are more than one pup but maybe they didn’t survive from this rough winter. Speaking of rough winter, I am getting cold I better head back to get warmed up, don’t want to get frostbite.
Day 3:
I just woke up and it's the third day of observing coyote.I'm going to observe the mom and pup a little more. I just got to the den and saw the dad leave, probly to go hunting. The mom is darker and brown with a bit of white and the pup is goldish with white. The mom looks a bit smaller than the dad but i think its resting because it just gave birth, it'll probly be up and walking tomorrow. The pup is in good condition and its eyes are fully open and it can walk. The coyote needs a strong body to survive in the grasslands since they cant exactly stalk its prey it needs to be fast and healthy. The pup just came out of the den and the mom came out with it I better get a bit further away. The pup just yiped, thats the first time i've heard it say anything, now the pup is jumping around, this is fascinating!

Animal Monitor Research

Coyote Monitor Research

I think radio collars and cameras would be the best way to monitor coyotes, because with the collars we can know where they are and with the cameras you can know if they are in good conditions. The collar will let you know where they are at all times and how they spend their day and where they spend their day. Cameras will let you know what condition they’re in and if they have been getting food properly. If the animal dies you know where it is with the collar and if you put enough cameras in that area you might find out how it died or what killed it. Cameras can show you if there is any pollution affecting the animal. With cameras you can see more than one coyote while being able to see the one with the radio collar on. These are reasons why I would choose radio collars and monitoring cameras for my research.