Animal: Cheetah

Why This Animal?

I would like to study the Cheetah because I like the way their fur looks. I like the way they hunt. The way they look at ther prey before they go in for the kill intriques me. And finally the way they are not made captive as much as other animals interests me. That is why I like the Cheetah.

10 Adjectives

1) Sleek
2) Shiney
3) Fast
4) Intriqueing
5) Astonishing
6) Breath-Taking
7) Beautiful
8) Cool
9) Smart
10) Dark

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Observation Journal


I'm here in Afirca in the savannahs. I'm driving along in my Jeep when...BAM...I see it. The cheetah, its chasing its prey, the Gazelle.
It's stalking it in the tall grass. It attacks the gazelle without it knowing. It hears me trying to take a picture so i run back to my Jeep and take off.


I got back to camp and we're about go and tag the cheetah we saw yesterday. We first retrace our steps from yesterday and track the cheetah back to its home. So we finally get there and its not there. We finally found it so we tranquilize it. We get to it and we put a collar on it and we are going to start tracking it.


We are getting the results back as we speak. It says that the cheetah was active most of the night. We don't know what it was doing, so, we are going to set up some motion sensor cameras around the cheetahs home.

Day 4

We got the results from the Cameras and it looks like a Lion was chasing the cheetah throughout the night. The cheetah away of course but it injured itself in the process. We are going to find it and treat its wounds.


We found the cheetah but it was dead. That is probably going to be the end of our journey. Untill the next time we get to do something interesting this will be the end of this obsevation journal. See ya later.


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