Animal: Cheetah

Why This Animal:
I chose the cheetah because cheetahs are fast. I want to learn how they hunt for food. I also want to know how fast they can run. I would like to know if cheetahs hunt in packs. How small are their kittens? Can they take down a preditor quick? These are some facts that I know: when they are running fast they use their tail to keep them balanced and there babies are born with mowhawks and cheetahs are calmer than a tiger and lion. I chose this animal because I run real fast and my inner-animal is the cheetah.

Food web:


Climate:Hot, warm and cold
Animals:Lion, tigers, alligator, gazels, elephants, rinos, vultures
Plants:African grass, African trees, wild flowers, rare types of bushes and plants

WIldlife Monitoring Technique

Observation journal:

Day 1:

Day 2:
Today I am going to see the Cheetah so I will be going to a real safari. The Cheetah is known for it’s speed the things that makes the cheetah go fast is the claws, muscles and tail. The claws dig into the ground the muscles come from running and the tail keeps it balanced when it turns. That the Cheetahs speed is incredible so it has to be the fast’s land animal alive.
Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Using the research:

Fellow Researcher Profile:

The researcher I found is Chris and her dog fin chris dog finds Cheetahs smalling thair poop thats how the dog finds the cheetah but it took alot of thraing.

Making up lost ground: re-introducing the //cheetah// in South Africa.