Introduction Animal: Capuchin Monkey

Why i wanted to research a Capuchin Monkey was because I really like monkeys, and i like the way they are a comparison to human. Capuchin monkeys live in the latin american countries such as brazil, and some South American countries. They live in all types of forests with mainly a group of 10-35 monkeys. They can jump up to about nine feet, and use their urine to mark where they have been (its kinda gross). They sleep in tree branches, which must be quite comfy. Another thing why I like monkeys is because they kind of relate to humans and eat and do some of the same things we do. They eat fruits like us, and crack nuts, so they pratically eat the same thing as us. So i think picking this type of monkey was a good idea and it will give me chance to learn about a living thing that acts like us, and has the same mechanical abilities as humans.

Capuchin Monkey food web: by: Tehya Myles

Zooburst video of limiting factors

Fellow researcher: Lomas Barbudal Capuchin Monkey Project

Lomas Barbudal is an organization that studies Capuchin Monkey’s and studies how they communicate, develop, and socialize. Susan Perry is a female who first started this organization so she could find out more about White Headed Capuchin monkeys living in Costa Rica. Susan Perry specialzises in Biological Anthropology. She lives in Los Angeles California, and studies in Costa Rica.

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