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Animal:Black-Handed Spider Monkey

Why this animal?
I chose the black-handed spider monkey. One reason I chose this was because I love monkeys. I also think that they are so cute. I want to learn what they eat and how they live when they are not in a zoo. This is why I picked the spider monkey.

Food Web

Location: Mexico
Climate: hot, sticky, humid
Animals:Jaguars, elephant, bengal tigerPlants:Bougainvillea, Coconut tree, Jambu
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Wildlife Monitoring Technique

Observation Journal

Day 1
Hey there readers, I am talking about the black handed spider monkey. I first saw the spider monkeys up in a tree. They were playing. Their hands can hold on to the trees for a long time. They also use their feet when they are up in the trees to hold on to branches. The spider monkey is brownish-blackish so they can help them hide in the trees. Their hands are also black. Sometimes they pick fleas and ticks off of their friends. The head leader monkey tries to keep everyone safe, especially the females and babies.

Day 2
Today the monkeys were eating fruit and vegetables. I saw them having dinner. After dinner the baby’s monkeys you’re playing some games and then one of them came and hung out with me.

Day 3
So you want to know how they find water somtimes they can get it from the leaves and the streams, the rain to.
Were do the find shelier in trees. Will for the food it is they eat eggs and bugs and more.

Day 4
What do they do some times will. the man protects the woman and the baby
monkes.Another thing is the kids and the babys monke play around.

Day 5
The monkey have a relationship with the tree they live in the tree. They also have a relationship with the fruit and eggs. The eggs and the fruit provide food for them. It also has a relationship with the ocelot. The ocelot eats the monkey. The jaguar also eats the monkey sometimes.

Fellow Researcher:

The Wildlife Conservation Society also researches spider monkeys. They researched in the Selva de Florencia National Park. A farmer thinks that he had seen a rare brown spider monkey. He seen it in a protected area and they think there could be more of them. They hope there are more out there and that the numbers will grow big again. My connection is that we both care about spider monkeys and we both want to help them.

research in action