Animal: Black Rhinoceros
Research Location: The Serengeti Plains, Tanzania, Africa

Why This Animal?
I chose this animal because I think they are very interesting. I want to learn why rhinos rampage, what their horns are made out of, and many other things. I think the horns on the black rhinos are magnificent. My nickname is Rhino, so I wanted to research them. I chose the black rhino over the other types of rhinos because the black rhino is which rhino I picture in my head when I hear the word rhino. I am also interested in learning about how/if elephants, rhinos, and hippos are related because they all look similar. I chose the rhino out of those three animals because it is my favorite.

Research Location: The Serengeti Plains in Tanzania, Africa

Food Web: Ryan Errthum Black Rhino



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Observational Journal

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Using the Research

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