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Animal: Bald Eagle

Why this Animal?

Choose an eagle because, it was endangered and it was one of my favorite birds as a kid.Eagles were endangered becuase, farmers used pesticide called DDT on their fields to kill bugs and other pests eating their crops. The eagles ingested the bugs and pests exposed to this psticide. DDT then caused the calcium carbonate levelsin their eggs to be lowered, which causedtheir eggs to be soft.the eggs were much like silly puttywhen it i steretched out. Then their offspring could not develop and growin this typeof environment. The shells were too soft to support the life of the growing chick inside. The shell would have protectedthe chick untill it couldlive on its own out side of the egg. When the eggs were exposed to DDT that protection disappeared. Some other reasons i like eagles is because, they are fast, patient, brave, swift, deadly and many more actions they make. They kind of remind me of the gold finch except the colors are different.

Jessica's food web for the Bald Eagle


Jessica's Biome and adaptedment for bald eagle

Observation Journal By: Jessica Bender

Day 1

I'm so excited to learn more about the Bald Eagle! There Biome is a grassland, there are many ways that eagles can adapt to grassland. Bald Eagles can adapt to the grassland because, there are so many animals in the grassland it self so they don't really have to go hunting for there food. They just have to locate there prey, then they go up for the attack. I think I would like to be a Bald Eagle because, They are strong and powerful, and I would love to try to fly. I think I would fail epically because, if at first you don't succeed try try again.

Day 2

The bald eagle is able to disguise himself. They can blend in to the trees because, their body is brown. Then when they were looking for food they are better disguised. When they are disguised they can catch their prey better. The Bald Eagle is so interesting with their technique. They don't have to look all over for food they just have to kill it. The Bald Eagle can adapt to the climate in the grasslands because, the eagle eats fish from water. Their claws help them catch their prey, thier claws are locked when they catch food.

Day 3

The bald eagles have two eggs now but, they are not hatching right yet. I can't wait till they hatch and start growing up. The Bald Eagle is just sitting in the nest protecting her eggs and watching for preditors. They are resting right now because, sitting on eggs would be pretty boring I think, i like to get up and move all the time so I don't blame the eagle for resting. The first egg was laid on 2/17/2012 and the estimated hatching date is on 3/25/2012. I think the baby eagles will be eager to get out off the nest and fly.

Day 4

The Bald has such sharp claws so when they catch their prey they can hold on to it better. Their claws help them to go in hard places and use thier lond nails to actually get their prey. This is why they have such long and sharp nails it is the only way they can catch food. They are Brown on their body, Their heads and their tails are paper white. When they are in flight they tuck up there claws so if there preditor sees them they are not as likely to see their claws and run as quickly. The like to eat smaller animals like rabbits, lizards, frogs, snakes, squirrels, and road kill. Tehy interact with each other by getting in flocks and flying south for the winter, and they mate.

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Day 5

They would interact with their ecosystem because, they would eat the road kill, or hunt and get rid of rodentas and animals we don't need. When they would eat berrier or nuts and they fly and poop they would be spreading seeds to help plant the plant they ate to another spot. The three behaviors the Bald eagle would have are:
  1. They would protect their young
  2. Be a preditor or search for prey
  3. Build shelter
The bald eagle barely eats nuts or berries but, if it is the only eatible food around they will eat the berries or nuts.

Lime Green- (resting)
Pink-(watching for food again)
Orange- (drinking)
I think the neck tracking collar is good for the Bald Eagle becuase, that are almost always moving. And that way they can always see the signal of where the bald eagle is. This technique is unique becuase, i don't think scientist use this technique alot I think they usually use tags. I think the

Decoraha Bald Eagle Cam Live! for extra credit in tracking technique



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Fellow Researcher Profile

My researcher is Bob Hatcher. i didn't get time to email him but i was on his web site and i have got some information from his website. I kind of like Bob Hatcher because, we both like widwe

Research in Action or the Bald Eagle

Some limiting factors that increase Bald Eagles population,


  1. Stop destroying their habitat or their nest.
  2. If farmers and people who spray for weeds and bugs would stop using harmful subtances on thier land, go Green man come on.
  3. Put them in captivity and breed them then let them lose, if they pass a test then they should be able to go into the wild to live.
  4. Protecting them against hunting.
  5. Diseases that make thier emune system get stronger.
  6. Mating increase
  7. scientifical tests that don't hurt them.


  1. Destroy their nests.
  2. Use harmful chemicals.
  3. Distory their eggs.
  4. Hunt them( illigale)
  5. Diseases that are bad
  6. People in general